Online Tools Every Business Needs

Welcome to the 21st century where our entire lives are online. Not only are our personal lives online but our work lives and businesses too! Businesses have since taken advantage of the great platform that is the internet. There’s so much that comes with the great world wide web that can help your business grow or help you manage it better. We’ve picked out a few online tools that your business needs!


Social Media

Perhaps we can start with the easier tools. Social media has proven to be one of the most powerful marketing tools every business must take advantage of. Be it Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, you name it. There’s a social media platform that’s perfect for your business. Devise a strategy that will work for you. Or if your skillset and  schedule doesn’t allow you to create your own content, digital marketers are available at your disposal.



Consider the internet the business district, a website your online shop and visitors window shoppers. Without a website, it will be difficult for your clientele to “window shop” and make a purchase while your competitor probably has their website with everything your customers need. Websites have fast become a need and not a want. When you’re not available to do the talking to potential clients, your website will do it for you.


Email and Blue-mail

While it’s easy to imagine that your business must have email, is your email personalized and easily accessible? If you are using your own domain, setting up your laptop everytime to check your email can be exhausting but BlueMail is the answer to all your problems. BlueMail is designed to host your email regardless of the domain. Basically, it’s your universal email host. The same way you can have your Gmail app is the same way you can have your regular email on the go with BlueMail. The bonus is, you can add as many emails as you want to BlueMail. The Play Store is your friend and guess what, BlueMail is free!



Mural is a digital workplace for collaboration. Basically, your entire workforce can have a virtual collaboration on Mural. This makes it easier to track progress of projects as well as highlight what is a high priority assignment. Mural also has a lot of templages that help with planning, storyboarding, planning, building a business model and so much more!


Business Builder App

The dream app for every entrepreneur. From your business planning to the scheduling you need, budgeting, strategic planning and so much more, trust us, this is the app of your wildest dreams.


Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is part of the Microsoft 365 family of products. The COVID-19 has taught us so much about working from wherever you are. Teams offers a great videoconferencing option that your business will absolutely appreciate. Basically your go-to app for efficient videoconferencing and meeting. We highly recommend it!


By:Thandie Nyoni



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