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July 4, 2017

Ola Divas! And just like that – the 2nd half of 2017 comes knocking. Wherever did the time go right? Here we were, ushering 2017 in just the other day and confidently resolving to resolve all our resolutions this year like the true bosses we are (cava my Kendrik Lamar flow) – unlike all the other failed attempts of years’ gone past and then… we wake up… and wait a minute…it’s July already. Wait!!? What???!!! How!!!??? When??!! …. Why won’t time allow us to thrive? But time and its trickery aside – it’s always great to catch up with you Divas. I know we have conversations every day on our social media platforms, our recently revamped website, www.divasinc.co.zw, included (You MUST check it out if you haven’t already) – but it’s always extra special to touch base whenever a new issue comes along. And what an exciting one this July issue in particular is! Because ladies…Fadzayi Mahere….! What else can there honestly be to add to that. All I’ll say is this: Whatever you imagine Fadzayi to be. The power. The sass. The chutzpah. She’s all of that– and then some. Download your FREE Edition of Divas INC NOW and find out why.

I know it’s hard to care beyond Fadzayi (and I can’t say I blame you) but I promise we have a million other reasons why you should care and why you need to get your issue of Divas Inc pronto. In the spirit of profiling only the truly kickass, truly phenomenal Zimbabwean women, we spotlight some of Zimbabwe’s most brilliant legal minds (Sharon Bwanya, Inviolata Dumbutshena, Phillipa Phillips and Tatenda Mataba). Add to that, inspiring conversations with Nomathemba Ndebele of Posh and newly married and new mom, Itai Mutinhiri (Congratulations mama!) and we have quite a healthy dose of some inspiration for you this month.

We also have a selection of some really great reads – Kerina Chizemo tells us why it’s never too late to find ourselves, we get downright dirty with the lowdown on how to ‘blow’ bae away (don’t say we never cared), we get cosy with the oh – so- sexy So Profound, we share some priceless money savers and pointers on how to network like a diva, our phenomenal supermom and regular contributor Kiri Gumunyu highlights the emotional highs and lows of being a new mom, and we give you first dibs on what ’s hot to get in Zimbabwe right now…and where to get it… It’s a whole lot of goodness… I could go on but I’m sure you’d much rather get on with the reading already so I won’t keep you from it! And oh… Our ‘July Style Edition’ is here in 2 weeks so make sure you keep your eyes out for that! We have some head turning trends and must have looks just for you!

P.S. If like me, you still have a lot of unticked resolutions on your list – how about we make this mid-year the unofficial second chance at a ‘New Year’ and work on ticking the list off before December. We’ve worked too hard this year anyway. We deserve the free pass!

Let’s Chat Soon… And a happy

(2ND) New Year to us!

Jo Kanengoni

For Fadzayi Mahere’s full interview and more from our July Issue visit our homepage on the link below and download your FREE Edition of our July Issue.



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