July 17, 2018

Just when we were about to countdown to summer hmmm the temperatures just became lower and we all know that low temperatures are usually accompanied by Flu. It’s amazing how we all get flu during winter when in fact germs thrive on warmth so we would expect to fall ill in summer more than winter. The reason is; our immune systems are suppressed by the cold weather, people don’t go out a lot so we unknowingly breathe in the same germ filled air. Are you guilty of not opening your bedroom window on very cold mornings?

The main solution is to boost your immune system, stimulate it and this will help to kill all the germs throughout winter. Nowadays natural remedies are the way to go, try these first before you try prescription medicine. We promise you can never go wrong. #freeyourimmunesystem

 Wash Your Hands All the time and Thoroughly
This is one of the best ways to prevent the flu and other .You must wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water

Reduce Alcohol
We’ve heard some people say alcohol helps keep them warm… Even a little alcohol consumption suppresses the central nervous system, and therefore the immune system. #freeyourimmunesystem

Reduce sugar Consumption

 Sugar may also suppress the immune system and make it more difficult for your body to fight off infections like the flu. Get yourself accustomed to sugarless lemon water #freeyourimmunesystem

Reduce Your Stress
Stress is known to suppress our immune systems. Consider meditation, reading, watching interesting TV shows, anything to reduce stress. Now you see why we had to hash tag ‘FREE YOUR IMMUNE SYSTEM’

Get 7-9 Hours of Sleep Every Night
The human body relies on sleep to recover from daily contact to toxins. Chronic sleep deprivation can significantly reduce immune function. So; all workaholics please do give yourselves a break and boost your immune system, enjoy the long winter nights

Consider natural herbs and spices

There’s a wide variety to choose from… Try wild mint, take a lot of ginger either as an ingredient in you meal recipes or add it to hot water and have ginger water or tea. A little turmeric will color up your food but it also a very antioxidant


Get Plenty of Exercise
Exercise can boost your immune system by increasing blood circulation and relieving stress. Increased circulation allows antibodies to move around the bloodstream faster, making it easier for the immune system to fight off illnesses such as flu. While you’re actually trying to prevent flu, you may actually hit two birds with one stone and also lose a bit of weight in preparation of your ‘summer’ body


There you have it, a few tips to prevent flu, over and over again.


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