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February 4, 2019

Three ways to ascertain stability at work

by Miriam C.R Mushaikwa

Sometimes as divas we take our work for granted and develop off-the-cuff friendships and alliances. These take over, instead of focusing on developing skills that impact our personal and business growth, we engage in competitions for office affection and form strategic alliances. These are usually more personal than work-related and if not monitored, might result in the dilution of the basic work principles. Before embarking on any frivolous activities at the workplace, remember to…

Do your work on time
Over reluctance and casual relationships with co-workers during the working period lead to slacking and a bunch of unmet deadlines. The office might end up being a go-to place for all forms of latest gossips, highlights of weekend gigs and personal strife. Instead of individuals being motivated to perform, they might end up feeling like ‘work is home.’ If not tackled well, this unprofessionalism leads to malpractice and ultimate business collapse. As a diva, you must always remember that regardless of whether you are personally related or close friends with your boss, all your work should be done on time. This keeps the business ethics alive because salary is paid for hard work, NOT how well you know the superiors. Aim to do your work on time as this is a fundamental principle in character building.

Form good relationships
Considering that the workplace isn’t an island, you do need ‘good friends’ for motivation. ‘Good friends’ are individuals with the same drive and push as you. It has been proven by various studies that friendship in the workplace increases efficiency, quality and overall morale. So warm up a little bit and build relationships. Standing shoulder to shoulder with your fellow colleagues does make a difference.

Mind your own business
This statement sounds a bit rude but if you are going to ever succeed at work, you need to know your place and limits: always. Whether you are the boss/manager/supervisor/trainee/intern, always make it your policy to stick to your work. One’ life shouldn’t be your problem, so instead of snooping around and interfering with co-workers personal/professional lives, aim at self-improvement. Before you make the boardroom a confrontational territory where you bombard subordinates with questions about their private lives, remember to simply mind your own business! Take up an extra academic class, a music/art lesson or even consider joining the gym. You will soon realize there’s more to life than just work…

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