My hair, My glory

July 24, 2017

Box braids on fleek. One month down the line, a neat short weave. Three weeks down the line a big kinky Afro. Two years down the line the kinky fro is swapped for black and ginger thick locks. New hairdos all the time? Yes. Why? The hair of a woman is her glory. A crown that enhances her beauty. Hair is one of the physical visible things in a woman, hence why women love to keep their hair on point. Some would say fake hair but one would say if you want to buy it, why not. Women have different preferences when it comes to hair. A long silky weave to bring out the goddess, a bald lavish look to bring out a bold lady or a simple neat natural hair look to bring out the sophistication. The aim is to look good for herself and presentable to others. A woman who is confident about her hair is confident about her style. Hair is like the cherry on top. The chocolate on the chip. Most importantly, the crown of a queen because every woman is a queen in their own right. Hence the fuss about hair because it is a woman’s glory.

BY Gugulethu Masha


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