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February 8, 2018


With the current ’natural hair’ trend going on, so many groups have
sprung up on social media mostly on Facebook and WhatsApp. Whilst it is
good to learn from others, be careful not to listen to every piece of
advise you see out there because you might end up doing more harm than
good. It is always wise to seek advise from professionals.

Here are 3 things that many of us do but should actually stop because
they cause damage to our hair:

1. Using Too Many Products 
You need to understand that what works for the next person might not
work for you because we all have different hair types that do not react
the same way to products. If you have already found products that work
for you, why don’t you stick to them instead of trying out the next
‘miracle’ product that someone claimed to work in a Facebook group. Over
use of products weighs down you are and can cause breakage, so use only
what is required to achieve the style you desire.

2. Use Of Towels To Dry Hair 
Traditionally we have been taught that after we wash our hair we wrap it
with a towel, even in salons they practice that. But you need to put a
stop to that because you are undoing all you hard work from ‘washday’
and contributing to you hairs breakage. Towels are harsh on our hair
strands and will dry out your freshly conditioned hair and possibly also
cause split ends. Instead opt for an old t-shirt or purchase a
microfibre towel as this would be softer and gentle for your hair
without stripping off the moisture.

3. Manipulation
Overmanipulation is unhealthy for your hair. I know sometimes we get
excited and want to try out every style we see posted in our ‘groups’
but you are not helping your hair by so doing. In order to retain length
you need to become best friends with protective styling or low
manipulation styles. Don’t tie your hair in a bun too tight, or
over-comb it. When you get your hair braided, do not be afraid to inform
your stylist not to pull too hard and be gentle on your scalp. Over
manipulation can result in breakage, thinning, balding edges etc. and we
do not want that.

When it comes to hair keep your regimen simple and basic. Sometimes less
is more so stop complicating your life trying to get onto every program
and product. After trying out a few things, if you find something that
works for you and your hair is flourishing, stick to it.



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