Munya Chawawa: The Satirical Comedy Maestro Giving Jamie Oliver A Run For His Money…

The way Unknown P drops bars is so smooth, you’ll be switching his songs as your ringtone. But you’ve also got to love Barty Crease, the ‘BBC News Reporter’, who’s always keeping us up to date with ‘the latest news’. Oh, and then there’s ‘Jamie Oliver’s Caribbean Cousin’, the world class chef Jonny Oliver, who’s loaded with the……erm…..’best, mouth-watering food recipes ever’???(we might have to consult Jamie on this one). The one thing we won’t have to consult Jamie on? What we absolutely love about these 3 remarkably gifted and unabashedly sexy men! And that’s the man who portrays all 3 of them, Zimbabwean-British comedian, satirist, screenwriter and presenter, Munyaradzi Chawawa, better known as Munya. The star, who is based in London, is breaking the internet with his brilliant and entertaining comedy sketches and his outrageously sexy eyebrows and we’re here for all of it! We get to know more about the comic’s background, career, achievements and some of the personalities he portrays. Let’s start from the beginning now, shall we……


Sweet Home Zimbabwe!

Munya Chawawa was born on the 29th of December 1993 in Zimbabwe, where he spent most of his childhood and where his passion for entertainment began. He credits his primary school days in Zimbabwe, where he gained his remarkable confidence and was taught to be proud of his personality and not to be ashamed of being expressive. Munya and his family moved to the UK when he was 11, where he went on to attend Notre Dame High School in Norwich before enrolling at the University of Sheffield where he studied Psychology and graduated in 2014.


Started From The University Of Sheffield Now He’s Here…..

Whilst at the University of Sheffield, Munya worked as a presenter at Forge TV and Radio, the radio and television stations at the University. He shot to fame when he filmed his graduation ceremony from his own point of view using Google Glass and with the assistance of the University, got a gig as a Red Carpet Presenter at the BRITs in 2014. Munya went on to become a presenter for PopShack TV and 4Music, and also worked with Reprezent Radio and Buzzfeed. Safe to say, it was an express ticket from Sheffield to the World for the rising star………


Sugar, Spice and Everything Funny

Something’s definitely cooking in the kitchen and it can only be our top chef and Jamie Oliver’s Caribbean cousin, Jonny Oliver (step aside Jamie!); and with his wit and special blend of humour, we can’t help but wonder if he hasn’t got a recipe book for puns too. Another fictional character that’s gone viral is Barty Crease, the BBC News Reporter who highlights serious issues such as racism using humour… but of course…


The Hip To The Hop (and parodies too!)

The comedian has also created a character called Unknown P, a parody posh drill rapper who is popular for his humorous rhymes and satiric scrutiny of the contemporary rap scene and who earned him a recording deal with Atlantic Records in 2020. Now how’s that for a real Wowzar!! Unknown P‘s debut single? A hit called Piers Morgan that went viral in an instant. The track was so hot Piers Morgan himself and his former co-host Susanna Reid danced to it on the show Good Morning Britain. But Munya is not only about the rhythm and bars, he also does parody videos of popular songs from other genres. Just look up his unique spin of R&B singer Craig David’s song, 7 Days, which left the singer himself ( the real Craig David that is) blown away by his creativity ( and us too!). Munya’s version is called Staying In, with the very fitting to the times stage name, ‘Craig Covid’. His impressive catalogue also includes Ne-Yo’s song So Sick, only his version of the song is aptly called ‘Snowsick’. Sickening comic genius really!


Netflix And Puns

2020 was definitely a big year for the star. Apart from the big Atlantic Records deal, Munya was also part of the team of writers for the Netflix Comedy Special, Death to 2020,a mockumentary by Black Mirror Creators Charlie Brooker and Annabel Jones.


BUT Wait! There’s more……

The story doesn’t end there. Munya has also created a series called Deep Tissue Massage where his guests and him discuss mental health issues… with a touch of humour; of course… Munya has also recently joined forces with Netflix UK to present the newly created show Netflix News where he will be posing as Barty Crease (yep, our favourite BBC reporter) and giving a rundown of the streaming platform’s new and upcoming releases. This is a dream come true for the star as he has previously spoken of his vision to have his own Netflix Show.

All kidding aside ( hard to do with such a subject), Munya has deservedly gained enormous recognition in the past year for providing comic relief during the Lockdown period, a time when a lot of people were going through thee most and needed the release that his hilarious sketches and skits have so refreshingly brought. With the brilliance and creativity he takes to create his characters, its no surprise that he now has over half a million Instagram followers and an equally impressive Twitter following. And he’s nowhere near done yet. In fact, he’s just warming up. And we’re just super stoked we get front row seats to all the acts from his very impressive one man comedy act.


 By: Chido Kakora


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