Why Multiple Entrepreneur, Biochemist and International Pageant Queen Sindiso Ndhlovu Has Us Pretty Impressed!

Having walked international pageantry platforms, then stepped down the ramp to build her own brand and establish herself as an entrepreneur, Sindiso Ndlovu is just the woman we would all love to take notes and learn from. A biochemist by profession, an international pageant model and an Entrepreneur, our chat with this queen was packed with so many nuggets and we can’t help but love her….

Who is Sindy?

I was born and bred In Harare. I studied biochemistry at the University of Forte Hare in East London South Africa.

Tell us about the journey to building Pretty by Sindy.

I started Pretty by Sindy in 2019. Coming from a modeling background I have always been interested in the beauty industry. Having my own cosmetics line was always a dream of mine.I decided to start small with lipkits and now my range has 11 products.

What do you think Pretty by Sindy has to offer that most makeup brands don’t?

Pretty by Sindy products are high quality, animal cruelty free and long lasting. I try my best to listen to what consumers need and to be able to deliver on it.

What business lessons have you learnt in your journey?  

The 2 business lessons I have learnt are PATIENCE PAYS and NEVER GIVE UP. No matter how tough the season is, always keep pushing.


What’s your vision for Pretty by Sindy?  

I want Pretty by Sindy to be one of the best cosmetics lines in Southern Africa. I would also like to expand more and have beauty and healthcare centres throughout the country.

What common misconceptions are there about beauty queens?  

The most common misconception for beauty queens is that we aren’t smart and ambitious. Which is far from the truth.

What life lessons did you learn from your experience in beauty paegants?

When I did international beauty pageants I was exposed to a lot of different cultures and opportunities. There is so much that the world has to offer, always dream big.

Outside of work, what is your very relaxed weekend like?

I enjoy relaxing home on weekends. I’m a self proclaimed yogini. I do yoga ,extreme stretching and meditation to help me relax and prepare myself for the upcoming week.

You have so much going on. Pretty by Sindy, Sindie Closet and so much more. How do you manage to balance all that?  

It does get hectic managing Pretty by Sindy, Sindie Closet and my small transportation company. I spread out my work by giving myself time to focus on one thing and when I’m done I move on to the other.

Entrepreneurs rarely find time to relax and have fun. Do you have a social life?  

I actually don’t have much of a social life because when I’m not working I need rest. My social circle would have to be my 2 cats who are always more than willing to relax with me.

What’s your favourite makeup item?

Definitely lipstains. I love a colorful lip and my go to color is almost always Feisty Fuschia.

What common makeup disasters make you cringe?  

I would say eyeshadow disasters are the most cringeworthy. Yes it does take time and skill to do good eyeshadow looks. So I advice people to be more minimalistic if they haven’t mastered it yet.

A little birdie told us you love travelling. What’s your dream travel destination?  

Yes, I do love traveling and my dream destination is Mauritius. I have been there before but I loved it and t will definitely visit again!


By: Thandie Nyoni


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