Motivational Talk: Creating the Right Working Environment.

May 10, 2017

Ever walked into an office where you feel like grabbing a knife and slicing the negative work tension in half? Well, some of you might relate to scenarios where you and a fellow workmate (or even the boss) just seem to rub each other’s wrong side or must I name it “mini-egos.” It’s quite normal to have one or two ‘dungeon moments’ in the office but when it becomes the norm, it’s high time you made positive adjustments. Times are tough and needless to say, some individuals decide to strap a backpack filled with their home squabbles to work, making it difficult for everyone to work well or be fully counterproductive.  Not everyone was built to deal with pressure but it’s not always wise to boast of a “bad attitude” if you do realise you are being a thorn in another individual’s flesh. Come to think of it, the purpose of any environment is production, be it at home/school/church/creation itself so why not maximise on creating the perfect environment at work?

When the working conditions are right, every individual aims to perform to their best abilities and it’s wise to always treat the whole workplace as a family union. This is when the “scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours” saying comes into play. If you are the superior, take your subordinates as partners in the money-making business vice versa. Why? Because you definitely need each other to survive. Come to think of it, the company’s brand image might lie in the hospitable tendencies of the guard and the cleaner’s smartness so why not give them credit? It all starts with motivational talk…Sometimes all it takes is a smile and a positive compliment. Not all Divas come from places where they are showered with praises neither are they all self-confident to go about whilst negativity is being splattered all over their faces and survive it all, so it’s up to other workmates to make every individual comfortable in their own skin.

People are all born differently, some more arrogant//humble/cheerful than others. That’s why there are approximately 16 different character personality traits which try to best describe human behaviour. The office might have that “I know it all,” or the character who’s always a bit reserved so it all reflects differences.  But the last thing you’d want is to create a monster out of people or a nasty work-station. Instead, try by all means to be understood and appreciated for your work whilst retuning the gesture, regardless of your job description. Be that team leader who is loved by all; that crazy, ‘angry-for-a-minute but happy-for-days’ type of person in order for there to be peace. Creating the Right Working Environment starts off as a conscious effort but with time, it usually becomes instinctive.

The world is an oyster right? So why not maximise on each other’s potentials to make it a hospitable environment? Simple changes can result in positive results so just give it a try. You never know, you might shoot a lucky star! Until next time Divas, remember to keep that atmosphere right and healthy!

Authored by Miriam C.R Mushaikwa,

Freelance Writer and Editor.

Facebook: Miriam Rujeko Mushaikwa

Instagram: clare.miriam.rujeko


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