February 15, 2018

Have you ever been in a situation where by you are loyal to the last bit. A hardcore loyalist. One who is always there and ready to sacrifice. You are probably thinking I’m talking about a partner where you are always sacrificing your time, energy and resources for them but they still cheat on you. Maybe I am. Or you think I am talking about your job where you are the most over-worked and least paid. Maybe;  you never know. Or you are that person who serves in church but you are never acknowledged. Maybe too! It’s all the same because it’s all about loyalty.

Being faithful to a certain thing such that all you want to do is to make it better, to improve and to grow as an individual. So many times we put our efforts in, be it work, sport, relationships or even church but we get slaps on our faces. We are made to feel inadequate. We are reduced to nothing. We are made to believe we are valueless by the price we are tagged by, by our counterparts. So many times we are made to believe we are worthless because we are treated like dignified beggars who are waiting for their master’s “finest leftovers” to be delivered to them. Why? Because of loyalty? Is it because loyalty is a new kind of abuse? Or is it a new order of slavery? Or maybe desperation makes it easy for people to accept that kind of treatment. Check your situation and know which box to tick. Reality check? Loyal-ity check? Or pay check?

By Gugulethu Masha

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