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May 29, 2018

Winter is peeping at you right now, through a side glance. But the question is: are you prepared for the chill? If you’re now scratching your head, trying to figure out if you still have any warm items, it’s high time to stroll down the departmental coat and boot section. Now here are a few things you might consider adding to the list, for you to maintain the sizzling diva look that your repute hinges on. Read on…!

Grab fluffy winter coats.

Now these are a must because you need to be sleek in winter, be it at work/church/just hanging out with friends. Fluffy coats not only shield you from the winter chill but since they are stylish pieces, you definitely won’t look dull throughout the season. Color does matter so instead of going for black varieties only, consider colors like beige, brown, red, purple and yellow because they even light up your skin tone. Remember: fashion sense encompasses everything, so don’t just buy for the sake of buying! Sprinkle every shopping spree with flair.

The boots are necessary.

What would winter look like if your feet are not saying any statement? A lady’s shoes make or break her, so instead of just ignoring this department, consider investing a few dollars in it. You’d need to buy both a high cut (for the skinny jeans and pants) and the low cut (for the dresses and skirts). Boots are classy and usually if worn with the right clothing pieces, they give that extra flare; any day of the week. If your fashion sense is on the next level, you’ll end up having disciples and end up converting most of your girl friends to boot lovers.

Don’t forget the tights!

Whatever your winter preference is, you need to keep your legs warm. This time around, say goodbye to those rainbow-colored ‘guru’ socks and say hello to tights. Yes! Most divas wear creepy socks underneath the slacks and keep extra pairs at work (we’re almost always guilty of such tendencies). But this time around, let the queen of elegance reign. Don’t forget to pick out the appropriate tights for all occasions and outfit. If you’re wearing a dress/skirt, make the tights a suitable pair not just anything so long you feel warm.

Scarfs are the icing on top…

A good scarf is always the icing on top. Please, don’t compromise on design… Think of the different variations and colors to drop in the shopping basket; animal prints, plain colors, feathery options, wool and ethnic prints. These all matter and as a diva, you’ll realize that each day brings its on madness and mood swing. So instead of just casting your taste in stone, explore a bit on diversities and I can assure you, those seven weekdays will have a different neck wrap option. Until next time divas, happy winter shopping!

By Miriam C.R Mushaikwa

Facebook: Miriam Rujeko Mushaikwa

Instagram: clare.miriam.rujeko

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