Outrageous weekend Hacks!

February 8, 2019

My Divas and I love to go out every holiday and splurge on shoes, clothes, hair, nails, go to fancy restaurants…you name it. But lately we’ve been on a tight budget and so we had to let go of our usual ‘break the bank’ activities. This got our creative juices flowing trying to figure out some fun yet cheap or money-free activities to bond over. This is what we came up with or rather hacked. LOL…You can also take on a few!

A picnic- this is a great way to sit back, enjoy your surroundings and just catch up. It’s cheaper than going to that expensive restaurant you love.

Host a spa day – Look up some DIY hair styling and nail art tutorials on the internet and attempt those designs. You can also make some facial masks using natural, at home ingredients.

Cooking/Baking – there are millions of recipes that you haven’t tried no matter how much of a good cook you are. So why not spend some quality time with the girls trying out some new recipes. You can also do the ‘iron chef night’ hack where you make a meal using only the ingredients in your pantry. No buying anything! Rotate every weekend, use a scoring system and the winner gets a reward.

Start a book club – we have a great list of books we’re recommending this season. Make use of our ‘must reads’ and have a great day reviewing and discussing the titles.

Have a movie marathon

Fitness sessions – go hiking; take a walk or try out some fitness tutorials.

Go fishing

Have a DIY party – the internet is full of DIY life hacks e.g. craft, home accessories and fashion trends. Why not try them out?

Have a mini photo shoot – every woman loves a good photo session. Put on some make up, dress up and chanel your inner super model. Take Instagram by storm with your new ‘super model’ pictures.

Refresh your wardrobe – the best hack ever right? Go through each other’s closets, get some fashion inspiration and maybe you can ‘steal’ a shirt or two.

There’s no excuse for a dull, long holiday. You can have just as much fun doing these cheap/money-free activities. Share your money-free and super cheap fun activities with us in our commentary section. Tag us in your pictures, share your fun moments with us…

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