Life and Love with Sokostina

May 10, 2017


Sokostina is a Radio & TV Personality, plus size Model, TEDx Speaker, Events MC, Author and a Brand Ambassador.


The one thing I would absolutely die without is: Faith.

The one person who really gets me is: my Sister Lucy Garwe Samuriwo.

If it were to all end today: I would have run my race, the best way I know how but should have sky dived though.

One thing you’d be surprised to know about me is: I am an Erotica writer, though I write with a pseudo name.

What I know for sure is: God and the Universe are real.

If my life was a movie: I would be a multiple Oscar winner.

Radio for me is: my life-line and sanity.

Acting for me is: therapy.

I’d never ever: worship the devil.

My style is: that of a sassy home girl.

My ideal Saturday night is: talking life-jacket deep stories, while sipping on red wine with friends or family, I love spending quality time.

My safe haven is: my room.

My Top 5 jams of all time: sun jam, marmalade jam, J its not fair that I only have to pick 5, I can’t because the different stages of my life has different jams.

Diva is: one who hustles hard and maintains her flow.


Love is: what I see when I look into my son’s eyes.

If only all men were: intelligent and generous.

If only men knew: that women are such lustful beings, they also look at men like “the things I could do to him”.

To really love a woman: Is to believe in her and not be intimidated by her brilliance.

For him to get my attention: I am a sapiocreature, he has to be tall, intelligent and mean sense of humor.

For him to keep my attention: he has to have a vision that scares him and keeps him up at night achieving it.

The most romantic thing I’ve ever done for a man is… I gave him one of my most favorite teddy for valentine’s day.

The most romantic thing a man’s ever done for me is: under the stars picnic by candlelight and he had written a poem for me.

The one thing I’ve done for love I’d NEVER EVER do again is: i have no regrets on love, its better to have loved with my all than none at all.

The most important qualities in a man are…intelligent, humorous, generous, and rewards loyalty.

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