Life and Love with BUTTERPHLY PHUNK

July 24, 2017


Meet the vivacious  Butterphly; presenter, radio DJ and former BBA contestant. There actually is so much more to Butterphly than a fire early morning playlist!


The one thing I would absolutely die without is:  I thought long and hard about this… Food, love, internet; the list is endless, but I would absolutely die without GOD.

The one person who really gets me is: To be honest no one really gets me. Even I don’t get me. It’s kinda fun cause that’s how I surprise myself and people all the time.

If it were to all end today: I would be brutally disappointed. There is a whole list of things I still have not done. My bucket list has literary got one thing ticked on it and it’s a hundred page document. I still got some ticking to do!

One thing you’d be surprised to know about me is: I’m super soft. Most of the time I put other people’s needs before my own.

What I know for sure is: I’m here on this earth for a grand reason.

If my life was a movie: I would want it to be a romantic comedy, an epic, historical, science fiction, inspirational big budget Oscar winning musical.

My style is:  A cocktail of styles around the world and across eras and cultures.

My ideal Saturday night is: Messing around with a bunch of friends or staying in bed reading or watching something.

My safe haven is: Anywhere I can be alone and hear my inner voice clearly and peacefully without external distortion

My Top 5 jams of all time: I am a DJ. That’s an unfair question. No Comment!

A Diva is: A female version of a hustler of- a-of-a hustler


Love is: It just is. That feeling you are barely able to put in words. It’s a ‘knowing’ and it’s a ‘feeling’. It’s pure and just flippin’ hard to define!

If only all men were: Faithful

If only men knew: That some things they think are petty are the very things us women need to stay alive. Indulge us.

To really love a woman: Is to really love her for who she is without comparing her to an imagined version of a perfect woman or comparing her to an existing one. She is unique and the love she receives must be unique too.

For him to get my attention: Sing a different tune. It’s exhausting getting the same type of vibe from men all the time. Spice it up a little. That gets my attention.

For him to keep my attention: Got to be faithful and honest. Honesty is so sexy and trust is the cement that holds a relationship and keeps my attention

The most romantic thing I’ve ever done for a man is: I honestly have no idea!

The most romantic thing a man’s ever done for me is: I’m still waiting. Maybe I should lower my expectations. My imagination is up there with ‘He would surprise me with a candle light dinner on the moon and take a stroll with me on the Milky Way’

The one thing I’ve done for love I’d NEVER EVER do again is: Believing that loving someone meant believing everything they said. A man lied to me for 4 years. I did not question him much cause I ‘loved’ him.

The most important qualities in a man are: Honesty, God Fearing, Humor, Sexiness the list would be longer than my bucket list.



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