Let’s get oral!

July 3, 2017


Ladies, we bring you your exclusive 101 guide on how exactly to get down and dirty with bae. Giving head should never become boring and predictable and we have just the right tricks to make sure you ‘blow’ him away! By:Sithandekile Nyoni

Let’s hear it from the experts

Because this is one subject we wanted to be absolutely thorough in (of course)we had a long chat with our sexpert, Nomfula N. and we came up with two or three things you should note.

  • Use your tongue wisely. When used wisely,the tip of your tongue can do more damage than pretty much the rest of you can. A little flick on the rim of his penis and you’ll have him begging you for mercy. A little saliva in the process goes a long way. Please note – a little, not a bucketful!
  • Instead of always bobbing your head up and down, try sucking him in like you would spaghetti. Suck and hold – and take him in a little at a time – teasing your way down,
  • And when you do take him all in, making occasional (and moderate)moaningand gasping sounds could be the death of him. In a good way.The sounds give the picture that he is a real King Kong down there andtaking him all in is no small task. Major turn on for him! Men and their egos – no harm in stroking them every now and then.
  • Eye contact is crucial. Look him straight in the eye whilst you go down and dirty on him; we won’t tell you what he thinks of that because you will know!
  • 69 is a great number- try it! In this position- your man won’t know what you’re doing or what to expect. That element of the unknown will do him in. Plus he also gets to appreciate his view! And bonus for you is you get it just as good as you’re giving it. Now how’s that is for a win win ladies?
  • Location. The location is almost as important as the skills. We always preach about trying out different places for a sex session to keep the boredom away. The same applies to a good blow job. Catch him when he least expects it. His office as a starting point- just don’t get caught!

And the punchline? Add a bit of flavor.

  • Mint: You know that burning mint effect? Yep, that is the secret to a well delivered blow job. Suck on a minty sweet and in case there is none readily available, try toothpaste (talk about multi-purpose). Immediately after, take him in and he will speak in languages the both of you never knew he knew. Blow on the tip of his penis and consider the deal sealed!
  • A bit of whisky and an ice block can go a long way. Just a reminder, this is about flavouring your mouth before going down on him and not flavouring him! Swish your mouth with a bit of whiskey, throw in an ice block for a few seconds and you are ready to take him to places he never knew existed!

One last thing, ladies. What not to do is as important as what to do!

As much as being experimental is awesome- keep your teeth out of it. You don’t want him begging you to stop and for all the wrong reasons! Unless he specifically requests that your teeth make a cameo –then please do NOT try this at home!



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