Let’s Dress Up Ladies: The ‘S’ in Fashion is for Self Care

Fashion is such a versatile queen. Not only does she make us look good, but she also makes us feel good. Fashion self-care improves our confidence, boosts our self-esteem, enhances joy and minimises anxiety and stress. This is why we all need to adopt fashion therapy into our self-care regimes. Who does not like to look good? We are for ANYTHING that can help us take care of our minds, bodies and souls, so ladies let’s dress up!

When we take time to deliberately and mindfully think of what we are going to wear every-day, this becomes a form of self-care. Who knew? We found a few ways of just how the act of dressing up can aid us in feeling better and confident about ourselves and we had to share these informative facts with the rest of our girls here on Divas Inc.


1.Dressing up makes us feel put together.

By dedicating time to prepare our outfits the day before an event, we are ensuring a productive and positive day ahead of us. Instead of being frantic and just throwing pieces together the day of an event, why not be prepared? That way we are not wasting time and increasing our stress levels because “OMG I don’t know what to wear. I’m going to look like a mess.” Imagine actually thinking of what we want to achieve when we prepare something we want to wear ahead of time to look sexy, confident, put together, and classy and you will be exactly that.

2.Fashion helps to express our uniqueness.

When we dress up or wear certain items, we feel happier and like complete packages, taking pride in how we look and in who we are. Think of the times when you are at home wearing sweats and that old t-shirt from high school compared to when you consciously dress up in your favourite dress and put your make-up on. The former makes you feel unproductive and sluggish whilst the latter makes you feel confident and ready to take on the world. We will be choosing dressing up from now on, be it for zoom meetings or on days we do not have anything planned. Our aim is to love ourselves and our uniqueness through our clothes.

3.Fashion self-care is scientifically proven.

Fashion psychology is the exercise of pairing fashion and science to show how one dresses impacts how one perceives themselves. This means by changing our style of dressing, we can in turn start viewing ourselves in a better light. Who are we to fight facts?

4.Matching accessories and make-up can change the mood.

If we match our make-up with our outfits, we are making an impact on our mental and physical composure. For example, wearing that MAC Ruby Woo lipstick with a red dress will complete a look and put us in a good mood at the same time. Or adding a black blazer and black bag to the outfit. When we match our clothes to our accessories, our moods shift too.

5.Buying quality clothes.

When purchasing clothes, let’s start buying those that are high in quality and made from good quality materials. Thrifting is a great idea as one can buy quality clothes without breaking the bank. Imagine being environmentally friendly and simultaneously looking like a queen. Thrifting is a great way of spending less on quality which we all know will make us feel good. We can still buy quality designer wear that is affordable when we choose preloved clothes. Take it as a win-win situation, saving money whilst wearing luxury pieces.

6.Placing favourite items at the front of our closets.

Have you noticed the relief you get when you declutter? This kind of therapy is perfect for our closets too. Get rid of clothes that you hardly wear because what we are trying to achieve is a closet that has only our favourite items. When we look at our wardrobes we should always feel a sense of happiness. Sell and make money out of the clothes you no longer need. More money; now that sounds like self-care to us!

7.Shoes matter too.

As Christian Dior said, “The real proof of an elegant woman is what’s on her feet.” There is nothing that completes a look more than a beautiful pair of heels or shoes. To make us feel fully put together, we should wear the right pair of shoes. This will immediately elevate our outfit from ok to magnifique. Our headspace will also be positively affected.


There is no time like the present. Let’s find exactly what we love in our closets. It’s that time to get into our closets, mix and match items to find our true styles. The pandemic has given us enough time to get to know ourselves, including our styles. This time will give us the chance to find our own unique styles without any pressure.

So what have we learnt about self-care? We now know that fashion is a form of therapy we all need. Who knew planning an outfit could lift our spirits the same way as going to the spa does? We recommend fashion self-care as a way to take care of ourselves because anything that minimises stress levels and upgrades our health is a winner in our books. So ladies, we’ll say it again, let’s dress up!


By:Delyse Gimani


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