How to land that tailor-made job for you

February 4, 2019

Unemployment levels in the country are so high that finding a ‘dream job’ is a luxury most cannot afford. We’re here to let you know that you don’t have to compromise on your dreams just so you can settle for ‘just’ a job. At Divas Inc, we believe there is a tailor-made job for you that correlates with your personality, ambitions and skills. In order to land your ‘dream job,’ you should…

Identify your skill set – acquiring an ideal job requires you to identify skills needed by a particular position and matching them to your own. This helps recognize jobs that match your experience and provides new job possibilities you never thought match your expertise.

Cast your net wide – the worst thing you can do is limit your job search. Widen your job search by registering with reputable recruitment agencies, check job searches in newspapers, upload your CV on credible career portals, join job-search platforms and directly search for jobs on company websites and search engines such as Google.

Narrow down you search – gather a number of ideal listings that best suit your skills and career goals; apply to them simultaneously. Don’t be shy to follow up if you don’t get a response.

Design an attractive CV – Instead of waiting to be noticed in a sea of job-seekers, be proactive and personalize your CV according to your ideal job. By doing so, you give yourself a competitive edge over the C.Vs that hiring managers know are used for any and every job.

Present a Cover Letter – a cover letter should never be a ‘photocopy’ of your C.V. It should provide additional information about who you are. It’s a way to justify why you are the perfect candidate for the job. An impressive cover letter sets you apart from thousands of other job-seekers so use it to show your value to the company. If a job application doesn’t specifically ask for a cover letter, send one anyway. It can be that determining factor you are looking for.

Impress the interviewer – dress the part, be knowledgeable about the company and make sure you understand the question before attempting to answer. Research about the company, practice answering tough questions and common interview questions beforehand.

Wait for a call; you’ve just landed your tailor made job!

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