Some Kutsime Downtime with the Dynamic Hosts of the Hottest New Kid on the Block

It’s fresh, it’s new and it’s the talk of the town… “Kutsime:Let’s Chat” is exactly that, a lively, exciting, contemporary talk show broadcast on YouTube and Facebook that seeks to ignite conversation on diverse social issues that affect us as Zimbabweans on a daily basis. And with a successful first season now in the bag, it’s safe to say the weekly hangouts at the ‘well” are going to be a staple for many once Season 2 rolls in. A key ingredient to the success of Kutsime? The dynamic and opinionated trio who fearlessly drive the dialogue as co-hosts on the show, never shying away from the topical (and oftentimes heated) discussions and always ready to give ‘it’ exactly how they see it. We caught up with the talented trio of Rebecca Muchenje, Natasha Burnett and Kernisha Hunzwi to find out what makes them tick and how co-anchoring the hottest new kid on the block has been so far…

What made you jump on board for this project? What was the appeal of Kutsime for you?

Miss Becky: I have always wanted to be on TV and better yet on a talk show. And because I knew the Producer it was inevitable the show was going to be great. The all female panel took the cake for me and I just wanted to get started!
Kernisha: I know New Years’ Resolutions are cliché but I always have a couple of them and doing something outside of my comfort zone was at the top of the list, so when I was asked to be a host I jumped right in. What appealed to me was the diversity of the panel. Females of different races and also if you’ve noticed the panel shows the different life stages of a woman. HBB- young, fresh, out of varsity and building a career, Natasha- built a career, has a family and partner, and last but not least Ms Becky- married, settled and well experienced with life.
Natasha: I have always wanted to be in front of a camera that’s for starters, but me being a shy person I felt this would be a challenge for me to face and overcome my fear. And when I heard it’s a panel of ladies discussing real life issues, I was game. The whole general understanding of the literal KUTSIME meaning was intriguing to me.

The show is described as “electric” and “vibrant”. As a co-host, how does your personality complement the show?

Miss Becky: (Laughs) I AM electric and vibrant…
Natasha: I’m someone who’s diverse and keen to learn and having the privilege of experiencing different walks of life and cultures gives me that electric cutting edge and vibrancy.

What magic ingredient do you bring to the panel? What’s your edge?

Miss Becky: I’m a people person, before we talk about my experience in the field. Getting to know the ladies was and still is a great experience for me. Being able to be the balance and to be of assistance to my friends while on set is just amazing. A lot happens under that table! We laugh and play but when it’s go time it’s go time.
Kernisha: I would definitely say my free spirit is my edge because I am very open to a lot, from relationships to how life should be in general.
Natasha: I think it’s how funny and hilarious I can be. I also personally feel I’m real and that’s exactly what the show needs.

How has being a host on Kutsime impacted you on a personal level?

Miss Becky: It has taught me to be more organised and focused, read more and accept other people’s opinions and views on various matters. I learnt so much about myself and the areas I need to improve on career wise.
Kernisha: Wow! Where to start!? I could say I gained a lot of new perspectives, only because I am a very stubborn and hard headed person, so actually listening and learning other people’s opinions has impacted my life in a great way.
Natasha: It has helped me be aware of certain things or issues happening around us that we just take for granted. The pros have been a couple of endorsements with reputable brands and a con has been that the fame was sudden and I’m not sure I was ready for it, not only for me but for my family as well.

How would you describe your relationship with your co-hosts?

Miss Becky: Sisters, friends. We even pray together. Prayer was a big part of why the production was a success. We have fun. We are from different backgrounds but so alike. We had the same goal and that was to break barriers and defy the odds. It was like we had something to prove not to people, but for ourselves.
Kernisha: Definitely my older sisters. If I’m being honest, from the beginning I was like ‘’Ok.These ladies are cool and we could be friends”, but in spending time we learnt so much about each other and I guess just gravitated to something so much more than just friendship. The chemistry we have is genuine and not just for the cameras.
Natasha: Being the only girl child in a family of 7 boys, I should say these girls came and became the sisters I never had. Becky is full of knowledge of the industry and her taking me under her wing, investing the time to teach me the ropes of the trade has been phenomenal, Hunieboo’s youthfulness and maturity at the same time are unmatched. I was literally about to forget about our resident DJ, who I consider as a brother. I don’t think anyone is aware of this but as I explained earlier on my being shy, he was one of the only people who offered to take time out and train me. One thing is for sure, we all come from different backgrounds with totally different up-bringings which I think with time we learnt was our greatest strength to feed off each-other’s knowledge.

Describe your co- hosts in three words…

Miss Becky: Hardworking, Loveable, Inspiring…
Kernisha: Ms Becky – Quirky, Protective and Gentle; Natasha – Poised, Focused and Fun; Chuck – Talented, Pusher and Funny…
Natasha: Tolerant, Passionate, Fun…


Lets talk about some of your highlights from Season 1 of the show:


Most memorable guest?

Miss Becky: Doctor “Hair” Guramatunhu.(Laughs). That man. That episode for me was like, ” Yes, let’s go”. I was so myself, I even took my wig off. It was also very informative and gave us a lot to think about.
Kernisha: Joseph Bunga. He was so insightful and motivating especially to me as a young person who has her own dreams of being my own boss. He opened up my eyes to the fact that as an entrepreneur you will face troubles but you can overcome them.
Natasha: MisRed. I could relate to her story and how she painted so clearly how there is the spotlight life and a life behind the limelight which most people don’t seem to understand.

Most memorable show?

Miss Becky: When we had the men on set. Geeeez, fireworks!
Kernisha: The show on the digital era because I have been scrutinized by people on the internet so it was a topic that I understood personally.
Natasha: The episode about the ISMS, it had me sitting on the edge of my seat throughout the show.

Best experience so far?

Miss Becky: Getting ready was the best. It was the calm before the storm, except it wasn’t so calm. We would dance, go over the script guidelines and research packs, drive the director up the wall, pray and dance some more.
Natasha: Getting to work with great creative minds both in front of camera and behind.

And worst experience?

Miss Becky: Post production meetings and when we were filming the final episodes. My gosh, it was like we forgot how to talk.
Natasha: The moment tempers would rise; remember we are all human at the end of the day.

We have to ask- how did you REALLY feel about DJ Chucknosis and his opinions on the show?

Miss Becky: Is “No Comment” a response? Okay fine, iriz waririz. He answered as a general opinion of men. However, at times I felt like some of those opinions were his. We wanted a man’s perspective and we got it!
Kernisha: I’ll probably get into trouble but I’m very nonchalant about them as it was not my first time hearing such statements. It was his opinions and as shallow and ignorant as some may have been, everyone is entitled to their opinion.
Natasha: The point of the show was not to all agree but state your facts and what you think so I personally think he was justified. His points also got people thinking.

Season 2!!?? What can we look forward to from you?

Miss Becky: With Season 1, we were still getting to know each other. Season 2 we are fully in it so brace yourselves. I might not be talking much (Laughs)
Kernisha: More of my fiery side as I felt this season we were still easing into things; so watch this space.
Natasha: Well, expect more heartfelt, true and ethical facts from yours truly.

Who’re some of the guests on your wishlist for next season ?

Miss Becky: Sadly he passed on but I would have loved to interview Ginimbi.
Lance Mambondiani, Arthur Marara, Ammara Brown and please allow me to dream, Bonang Matheba.
Kernisha: I would love to have the beautiful Pokello because she has such a presence that’s so captivating.
Natasha: Acie Lumumba and Zodwa.

And what’s the one topic you feel you just HAVE to dig into for Season 2?

Miss Becky: Religion! That for me is a big one because I felt like I wasn’t fully informed on it.
Kernisha: In the Relationship Matters Episode we touched on domestic violence, which I feel we could dive a little deeper into in season 2.
Natasha: Teenagers and them receiving contraceptives.

Apart from being the fabulous host of Kutsime, what other hats do you wear?

Miss Becky: I’m a daughter, mother of two amazing souls, Radio Presenter on Zifm, BBC Correspondent and Confidence Coach.
Kernisha: I am a Chartered Accountant recently turned model, Club Host and Business Owner launching end of February (you guys get the scoop first).
Natasha: A business woman, mother, model and currently working on getting back into fitness..

How does a Kutsime session with your own circle of friends sound like? What are you most likely talking about?

Miss Becky: (Laughs) Wow! Anything and everything but mostly our prayer lives and what we are working on to improve ourselves.
Kernisha: To be quite frank it’s very very raw and crude. We touch on everything, from how we grew up, to relationships, to local and international gossip,to our future dreams. There’s nothing we don’t talk about, it’s quite spicy! I love my Kutsime sessions off the screen.
Natasha: Mainly business talk as I am surrounded by entrepreneurs and I’m highly intrigued with business talk.


By: Chido Kakora

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