You should know: Yeukai Rumema-Masora

September 24, 2018

Every woman on a powerful mission deserves to be celebrated. 30-year-old Yeukai Rumema-Masora is an entrepreneurial events consultant whose name you should know. We’re crushing on Yeukai  for her strength, passion, talent and leadership. She is forging a new trail in the Zimbabwean events planning industry and  inspiring her peers and admirers in her wake. If you haven’t heard of her already, now your chance to learn more about this woman of the moment.

Tell our readers about yourself:

I am a God-fearing wife, daughter, sister, friend, entrepreneur, events consult, florist and student at Midlands State University. My actual name is Yeukai Wilma Rumema-Masora.

What inspired you to start CreatEvent?

I started my company back in 2009/10, then it was called Purple Shades Events Planning and Management. It grew into CreatEvent, which I legally registered in 2014. There is a lot of inspiration behind the starting of CreatEvent. The main influences being major life events and my family – particularly, my late uncle Paul Chimhosva. Back then the idea for CreatEvent was to create events from scratch (as the name suggests) that were social events. We also had weddings in mind but the biggest focus was on social gatherings such as birthdays and festivals, but this was until I did my first wedding and I was hooked.

What influences you when planning and decorating for an event?

My love for things is what ALWAYS pushes me. So does the desire to create beautiful lasting memories for my clients. I always try to make sure that each event is different and unique in to clearly highlight or bring out my client’s vision.

What business challenges have you faced and what have you been able to do to overcome those challenges?

The economic environment is obviously a huge challenge that exists till now and has put a dent across the business spectrum which of course will mean that we’re affected too. It hasn’t been easy trying to avoid affecting (or passing on the costs to) our clients while still delivering as expected – not compromising on quality. This year (2018) has been better as we’ve seen ourselves overcoming or surviving in the current business climate. No formula really, but just prayer.

What types of marketing and promotional strategies have been most successful to CreatEvent?

To be honest we don’t quite engage in any marketing. Our work has done most of our marketing for us. Our Page on Facebook ‘’CreatEvent’’ is the only marketing tool we have used really.


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What advice would you offer someone who is thinking of starting a business?

Go for it, there is no harm in trying. You are better off trying and failing, than always wondering if you could have made it. Also, follow your passion that always comes out right! Lastly, pray, pray, pray and pray!


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Take us through a day in your life as an event’s consultant:

My day is never set out in a precise form or manner. I’m a wife and a student so I always have three areas of my life to cater for. My professional day comprises of event consultations (virtually and physically), site visits, lectures and meeting with my staff.

How do you balance your work and home obligations (e.g. being mom and a wife)?

Balancing work and home obligations is the biggest challenge ever. I often find myself overwhelmed but I have amazing support from my husband Kudzai and my sister Ruvarashe. They always hold fort for me at home while I concentrate on work and school.

What are your future plans for your business?

Growth and expansion, those are my future plans. Growing CreatEvent beyond Zimbabwean borders and making it an international household name.

Connect with Yeukai-Rumema Masora on Facebook and Instagram. If you are looking for an event management company visit CreatEvent on Facebook and Instagram

by Tapiwa Mhlanga

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