Just Do IT: Founder & CEO of MedTours Africa, Cheurombo Pswarayi on how and why to get started NOW on Your Entrepreneurial Journey…

It’s no secret that Entrepreneuship is a bumpy and uncertain road  that many contemplate but never dare to venture onto. But for those that are brave enough to dare, Entrepreneuship is a road well worth taking. Such is the story of Cheurombo Pswarayi, Founder & Chief Executive Officer of MedTours Africa, a medical tourism facilitating company; and Founder & Managing Director of CJV Medical Supplies, a medical supplies company. Spurred on by the tragic loss of a close relative, Cheurombo embarked on her entrepreneurial journey over 10years ago. And now, over a decade later, and with an impressive (and growing) collection of Business Excellence and Outstanding Leadership Recognition Awards from top local and international institutions under her belt, this outstanding Visionary, Mandela Washington Fellow, Law Student, Speaker and Business Coach is firmly in control of the steering wheel on her Entrepreneurial journey. So is there a secret to attaining this kind of success in entrepreneurship? And how does one garner the courage to take that often dreaded first step? We spoke to her to find out….


What should I know first before venturing on the Entrepreneurship journey?

Expect the unexpected to happen. You might be a thorough planner, good at projecting numbers and maths, have done the most detailed analyses for the business you are going to start; something you hadn’t planned for or had not foreseen is going to happen. Brace yourself for it. Sometimes its in the macro environment and you can’t change it; your course of action is to adapt. Sometimes its something within your control; take ownership and do what needs doing.


What would you recommend for someone who wants to start a business during this pandemic?

Do it! Start it! Run with it! Keep your ear on the ground and change accordingly as the situation changes. Just don’t wait around.


The most common stumbling block for most people is the lack of capital. What advice can you give to someone in that scenario?

Talk about your product and/or service with anyone and everyone. Create an awareness of it so that you have clients lined up for it and those with money interested in being a part of the business. Try to get prepayments and deposits from your customers. Reach out to the lowest hanging fruits in terms of possible investors – the 3 Fs they call them… ‘family, friends and fools’.


What is the importance of doing market research?

When your product is finally released you want to be able to quickly convert the customers. A good market research will have enabled you to determine where you will be selling, to whom and what price point you will need to offer. It also highlights to you the competitors in the same field (there is nothing new under thus sun so most probably someone else is running a similar venture to yours).


What guidelines can you give on developing a good business plan?

There is a wealth of resources and templates online which can be accessed for free. Make use of them. Some people have spent years refining them so you and I can piggyback on those. Look at your business plan regularly. Allow it to revolve and grow with you and with the business. Do not be afraid to pivot. Treat that document as living and breathing.


There’s also the issue of obtaining all necessary legalities (permits, company registration documents and such) What is the best way of doing that?

Do it one at a time and engage a professional to get it right the first time. To reduce the professional’s bill work on the documents first and then just get them to review. Be willing to do the legwork yourself to also control the fees that will accompany those document reviews.


Being a successful entrepreneur also requires good leadership skills. How can one develop good leadership skills?

I think there are different ways to develop leadership skills. What has worked for me is studying those whom I perceive to have done well and copying some of what they do. I am a hybrid of the traits I have picked up from my friends, teachers, peers in the business world and some TV celebrities as well. I’ve also picked up a lot from reading wide. Being aware of your strengths as well allows you to create a leadership style that is unique to you as an individual.


How can I build the right team to assist me in my business?

Identify what you are not good at and seek out the individuals with those strengths. Empower those associates to challenge your views and to add theirs to the business. You want to have an entity which goes above the individual. You want to create a work culture which has teammates building up from each other’s contributions.


In this digital age that we are now living, what internet skills should today’s entrepreneur possess?

All of them. Social Media is a good tool to use to self-improve and if you’re reading this then I‘m preaching to the choir.


Lastly, as the saying goes “procrastination is the thief of time”. Any advice you can give to those with brilliant business ideas but are procrastinating right now?

Just do it so that you can move onto the next big thing!




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