It’s Never Too Cold To Look On-Point!

July 17, 2017

Well…well… well, the excuses panel never runs dry: I can’t jog or do squats because my joints are freezing; my gym buddies dumped me this time around so I’m waiting for summer; let me just have a little snuggle and a cup of hot chocolate, I bet nobody will notice my weight-gain in winter…the excuses just go on and on. But hey, it’s never too cold to look on-point! Grab your tracksuit or tights and pay your tributes to the gym. Being a sexy diva is a MUST, not an option and by engaging in the following routines, you might just regain all the confidence you once had in summer.

Go for a daily morning jog

Looking good comes with a price tag, it’s not an overnight thing or a spell trick you can have by simply spinning a wand. No, you have to work for it! Imagine the amount of energy you spend walking to the shops to buy that chocolate sponge cake or that pizza you crave almost three times a week. That same energy is needed when you wake up every morning. Set your alarm this winter and ‘force’ yourself to wake up at 5.a.m for a morning jog. Initially, it’ll be strenuous but with time, your system will get used to the fitness routine and will just comply.

Try out Zumba dancing

If morning jogs/evening runs are a dreaded routine for you and the thought just gives you goose bumps, why not engage in Zumba dancing? This is an exciting way of losing excess fat in unwanted areas: the hips, butt and boobs all get shaped out in a really sexy way. So instead of just bundling up for a chick flick every evening, you can download some Zumba dance routines over the net or go to a nearby gym. By dancing away your fat, you also get to learn one or two Samba moves- a blessing in disguise.

Have a self-program for workout routines

The last thing you want is to start off to a great first week of zealous fitness training then suddenly plunge back to square one just because you didn’t have a pattern to track and follow. In this workout business, having a self-program for your workout routines is vital as it co-ordinates all your sweating efforts. Imagine going for mountain climbing in a virgin territory without a guide, you’ll definitely get lost in the wild so the same concept of monitoring applies here. Jot down in your diary the exercises you’ll be doing daily, be it your sit-ups, leg raises, planks, press-ups, skipping; all the routines have to be written down somewhere for reference. This way, you won’t cheat yourself that often because of the guilt trip.

Remember to keep the momentum, always!

Being faithful to yourself is key. Never slack and feel as if nobody notices because, before the world sees your reflection, you always gaze at it in the mirror daily. So by keeping the momentum and religiously following your fitness routines, you will not only feel positive about your outlook but other divas will start envying your curves and also feel motivated to trim or stay fit. So until next time divas, wear your tracksuit, sneakers, grab that gym towel and run out to meet your desired look!

by Miriam C.R Mushaikwa

Facebook: Miriam Rujeko Mushaikwa

Instagram: clare.miriam.rujeko


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