Introducing #ZimWomen Roar

November 20, 2017

We’re closing the year on a high this year with our 1st ever installment of #Zim Women Roar! Zim Women Roar is a celebration of the Zimbabwean woman. It’s a call to every Zimbabwean woman to acknowledge our tenacity, power and achievements – to band together and celebrate ourselves and elevate each other whilst making as much noise as we can about how truly phenomenal we all are…

Zim Women Roar culminates in an evening of celebration with a glam evening event on the 29th of November 2017 at the Meikles Hotel where we honor, spotlight and celebrate some of the millions of Zimbabwean women who are fiercely roaring in their spaces and positively impacting the collective narrative for us.

Our hosts for the evening are the beautiful and roaring duo of MisRed and Candice who will share the night with 300 phenomenal Zimbabwean women from all walks of life. With an aptly chosen dress code of ‘Comfort in My Own Skin: Define Your Own Beautiful’ Zim Women Roar is in true essence a celebration of every Zimbabwean woman. Special recognition will be given on the night to inspiring Zimbabwean women that are fiercely roaring in their spaces across all spheres – from entertainment to media, sports, business, community and technology – we will be taking a pause to say – we see you, we hear you roaring, and we celebrate you!

Because it’s our night – we will be entertained, serenaded and celebrated by three men with Zimbabwean women at heart: soul singer Prayer Soul, the soulful wordsmith So Profound and a 3rd surprise act that we know the ladies will absolutely love!

We are inviting you to share this momentous night with us. We want to experience the inspiration, celebration and magic of Zim Women Roar with you! Zim Women Roar is a celebration of every Zimbabwean woman. Zim Women Roar is a celebration of YOU.

#ZimWomenRoar Event Details
Date: 29 November 2017
Time: 5:30 for 6pm
Venue: Meikles Hotel Harare
Hosts:MisRed and Candice Mwakalyelye
Entertainers: PrayerSoul, SoProfound, Surprise Act
Dress Code: Comfort In My Own Skin: Define Your Beautiful
Tickets: $30 p/p
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For Tickets Contact
0777 806 546 or email [email protected]
Visit our official #Zim Women Roar Facebook Page

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