Inside the Heart of Harare

March 29, 2019

Harare is known for its 5-star Cafes and Restaurants with local and international seasonally attuned courses prepared by reputable chefs. The city owes its reputation to Pistachio Cafe and Restaurant.

Pistachio is located in the serene, up-market suburb of Borrowdale at Sam Levy’s Village. Although the area is marked by a cluster of restaurants, the tranquil Café & Restaurant with inexpensive dishes stands out in the crowd.


The menu comprises of fresh and healthy salads, pastries, cakes, toasted sandwiches, freshly squeezed smoothies, coffee and tea prized in USD and $RTGS. There are also some healthy options for those looking to maintain a low carb diet.



As you walk up to the doors of Pistachio, you are welcomed by polite and friendly staff who are dedicated to providing an exclusive experience. In addition, the food presentation and taste is what makes Pistachio unique. Pistachio is the only restaurant in Harare that is solely focused on delivering a whole menu of delicious healthy options.

In an unsettling year, Pistachio gives us a taste of happiness. If you are a fan of fine dining, you owe it to yourself to experience Pistachio Cafe and Restaurant…


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