#IAmSuperwoman: Tendai Faith Mataba

August 23, 2017
When your passion is deep and your purpose is certain, you can overcome challenges through God’s grace. I overcame being a foreigner and a black woman in a predominantly Afrikaans University to become a recognized student leader. #IAmSuperwoman
 I overcame my own fears of being in a male dominated work place and realized that I am just as intelligent, just as capable (if not more) and just as worthy of my title and position as my male counterparts. #IAmSuperwoman.
 I used to be terrified of heights. But just one time, I overcame my fear of heights, and went cliff diving. Now I can look out of a plane and not feel dizzy and faint. #IAmSuperwomanI used to think that being single meant I was lonely. But I embraced my singleness and realized that being alone doesn’t translate to loneliness. It just means exactly that- I am single #IAmSuperwoman

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