#IAmSuperWoman: Miriam Rujeko

August 21, 2017
Life isn’t a soft and fluffy bed of ease for all Divas and as for me, well, I had to work myself up the academic ladder. Considering that I am no different from ladies who thrive to succeed, I had set goals and wanted to also go to University. I passed my A’s, applied and was offered a place at the University of Zimbabwe. Yes, I was head-over-heels when I received my offer letter to pursue a B.A degree.
Flashback 2012…being a University undergraduate is a step in the right direction towards success; the opening of doors and that stepping stone one needs to make a great leap. But coming from an average background, my journey had its flaws. My family was supportive, pooling together all available funds for my tuition but then, they couldn’t afford it all including laptops etc. Keeping in mind that I was not the only one who needed tuition fees at that time, I vowed to research using what I had: a Nokia X-02 phone!
Indeed, there’s no excuse for failure. I used to hand in all my work on time, scored excellent marks and with the support of my friend Opportunity Gabriel, I passed and was capped, having attained a First class B.A Honours in English. The sky is the limit and beyond if you aim at meeting set targets. Being ambitious isn’t a crime but rather a virtue that one has to work towards and because #IamSuperwoman, nothing can stand in my path towards greatness!

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