#IAmSuperwoman: Martha Khumalo-Sagwidza

August 31, 2017
As we wrap up women’s month, it is important to celebrate the women in the trenches. The women behind the scenes, the women doing the work but hardly celebrated.
In a country where helping one another is rare, it is refreshing to meet sheroes that break stereotypes.
When I was asked to write about myself, I could not do it because every day I am blessed to walk alongside sheroes that are trailblazing. Women that are changing lives in their own unique ways. Women that have come to inspire me. and one such a woman is Martha Sagwidza
Martha Sagwidza is a dedicated, resourceful and goal-driven professional educator with a solid commitment to the social and academic growth and development of every child. A holder of a teaching Diploma with Hillside Teachers College. Martha is a  self-directed, action-oriented professional with over 10 year’s experience in education and community service.
Her teaching calling began in 2005 in NeChilibi Secondary School, a rural academic institution located in Matabeleland North Region of Zimbabwe, where she strove to empower the girl child by bridging the gap between rural and urban education. Still, in her quest to fight the social and academic inclusion of children living in the margins, Martha joined the Kusasa Project, in 2012 as the school’s Vice Principal and ECD teacher.
Just like the aim of The Kusasa Project, Martha keeps the needs and aspirations of the children at heart in whatever she does by making sure that the learner’s past history does not affect their future. All, with the aim of advocating at a practical level, the educational inclusion of children living in the margins using advanced therapy and psycho-socio support integration.
The  Kusasa Project seeks to address the educational, nutritional and holistic needs of disadvantaged children from the farms and informal settlements of the Cape Winelands.
Martha not only continues to advocate for rights of the children in South Africa, she continues to uplift the lives of the children in her home country in Zimbabwe, where she continues to give them second chances to better their lives. I am one of the beneficiaries of th great work that Martha keeps doing
So thank you, Martha Khumalo-Sagwidza for this second chance at slaying!

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