#IAmSuperwoman: Aurra Kawanzaruwa

August 25, 2017

A little over a year ago I was homeless. With nothing but a handbag my friend Dinkie gave me and $18 dollars in my pocket I held onto a mustard seed of faith that everything would be alright. Today I am the Founder and CEO of Aurra Nicole, a pan-African organization that looks at improving the African economy one creative enterprise at a time. With growing expansion into Africa, God has opened doors for us not only in Zimbabwe, but in Ghana, South Africa and Botswana. At the core of what drives me is building an inheritance for my daughter Thandi who is probably one of my closest friends and biggest cheerleader. Her intelligence, resilience, adaptability, sensitivity and spirit of discernment grooms me everyday to be better than I was the day before. All I need in this life is God, my loved ones and a way forward…the ‘will’ will always be there! #IAMSuperwoman

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