How To Deal With Exes That Won’t Let Go

July 18, 2017

We all have that one ex or two or three that just won’t let go. They go away for a while, after making you fall head over heels, and you feel he is the one. It’s only after they get tired of you or bored, as they justify it, that they begin to drift away.

As ladies, we cry, post it all over social media until you realize he really does not care anymore; this is when you begin to heal. Well, personally I write about it; that is my healing therapy. When 95% healed, this is when that message from him pops up rambling about how much he misses you, how much he loves you and how he screwed up and it just ignites all those feelings you had been working on suppressing. You are confused and do not know what he wants, does he want to be friends? Does he want sex? Does he want me back; which is the scariest. Men are not that predictable unfortunately.

Men really do not draw the lines and it is your duty to do draw that line and get rid of the toxic men that come back to confuse you. Each time you think of him, it’s a setback, now how do you deal with such? It’s not easy especially if you loved him dearly which is usually the situation but here are a few tips:

1 Be blunt; tell him to leave you alone

2 Block his ass, delete his number, unfriend him on all social media, just don’t tolerate his ass

3 Set boundaries

4 Be consistent, if you have decided not to talk him, stick to that

5 Make it clear that you have moved on, clarify the message

Difficult, yes I know it is but it’s a matter of accepting a situation, when it’s done it’s done, move on girl, there is a reason why it did not work out!

By: Faith Zvorufura

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