How to avoid overspending this Festive season

December 11, 2017

We’re not trying to be the Grinch that stole Christmas but we can all admit avoiding overspending during the holiday season is not easy at all. It requires extra time, discipline and effort. But worry not -Santa’s here early this year – with some much needed immunization tips to make sure you’re fully protected against the dreaded January disease.

Budget & Track spending

‘ Tell your money where to go instead of wondering where it went’  The last part of  the famous quote is exactly how most people feel after the festive season. Before the holiday shopping season even begins, decide how much money you want to spend. Anticipate the coming year and its urgent financial expenses. If you’re sure you have a job to go back to in January congratulations! Make sure you have a transport allowance saved for the very long month. If you have school going children, buy new school uniforms and stationery as soon as the end of the school term.  Have a track spending system; a simple little diary where you write down everything you will need to purchase no-matter how small. It is best to divide your budget into the different categories: How much do you want to spend on gifts? How much will you need to travel? How many special events are on your calendar because entry prices for some popular hangouts double up during this season, and how much will they cost? If the numbers aren’t adding up, you need to make changes and sacrifices.

Don’t be fooled by Retailers

There is something about shops during the festive season.  If you have watched the movie, ‘Confessions of a shopaholic’ you will understand how everything seems to call out your name, the bright and colorful decorations, the ‘buy one get one free promotions’, free food tasting booths of all the food products and recipes you ‘’simply MUST’’ try out, the enticing kids corners, the list goes on of all the little tricks retailers employ to make you happily part with your money.  Even with firm budgets if you are not careful, retailers will trick you into overspending.


Reduce Self -gifting

Women are currently on a self love campaign. We totally condone that and at Divas Inc we call it, ‘Own your beautiful.’  Self love is not selfish; it simply includes appreciating yourself more, rewarding yourself once in a while and buying yourself a Christmas gift.  Self- gifting is a fast and growing trend nationally and internationally so as you appreciate yourself this holiday, please limit the number of gifts you buy for yourself.  When January comes some people may find themselves with no transport allowance to go to work yet they have a 100 pairs of shoes. Spoil yourself yes! But don’t overspend on what you do not need.


Beware of convenience costs

Convenience expenses are some of the most hidden costs of the festive season. The festive season throws people out of their usual financial rhythms by adding extra responsibilities and activities. Avoid hosting too many visitors for weeks, buying fast foods for your twenty guests, pizza night every night? We’re not saying be stingy this festive but beware of minor financial additions that will lead to the infamous January disease.

Ponder over these tips and trust us, January you’ll be thanking us…

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