How Much Does Sex Contribute To A Relationship

June 5, 2017

What forms the basis of a good relationship? This is a topic that often confuses a lot of people as they do not know if they should give it up or not. You are scared he will leave you if you give it up too early or he will still leave if you delay; men are just confusing like that. This then leads us to the question, how much does sex contribute, is it very important? Can a relationship be healthy with no sex? First things first, sex is needed! Sex is important but it should be done for the right reasons. Sex is not meant to be some form of way of keeping or stalling someone, it should be enjoyed by two people who have agreed to do it exclusively. This is why it was meant for marriage in the first place- because it involves a lot of emotions that can be very overwhelming without the security of a mutual bond. In short- sex does contribute to a relationship as it brings intimacy and closeness between two people. It can be much more than a passionate experience when you share it with a meaningful partner. If it is done for the right reasons, sex has the power to create and hold a strong mutual bond between two partners.

Authored By: Faith Panashe Zvorufu

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