Hot Find: The One and Only Closet You Need

Bhero, Mpedgars or Kotamai Boutique- call it what you may but thrifting has become a real hot commodity on the Zimbabwean fashion scene. Why have so many Zimbabwean women fallen in love with this type of shopping? It’s quite simple. It is affordable, good for the environment and most importantly, no one else will have the same item you have purchased! Now there are thousands of pre-loved boutiques in Zimbabwe but as Divas Inc, we love to showcase the crème de la crème. With items that are of good quality, to die for and an Instagram page, we never want to leave, The One and Only is our go-to store when we want top brands for less.

Located in the serene suburb of Mt. Pleasant at Village on The Chase, The One and Only has changed the game of Thrifting. It takes more than just a good price to attract potential customers and we believe The One and Only has created a business plan that works. The consistency in posting new quality stock and the hard work they put in to making their Instagram page attractive to the eye with their flat lay designs and clean images, ensures that the brand not only looks professional but one we will continue to visit. We caught up with owner Rumbidzai Mazvimbakupa who told us more about her exquisite taste and details about her store.

‘Our business is very accommodating as we cater to all classes of fashion. We head hunt the best pre-loved fashion pieces ensuring that every woman looks and feels beautiful both inside and out.

To be honest, I started the business because I used to be one of those people who  always looked for the best clothes in deserted places. You know as a young woman with a low income but yet with the urge to look absolutely stunning, you go where you can find the best bargain.

Having graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Environmental Science, I am extremely passionate about the environment and its ecosystems. I decided to start a business that would recycle clothes that were no longer needed or wanted by others. My other aim was to also find the most unique pieces that would create spectacular outfits for my customers.

I have always said that style and fashion are not just about the price tag, but instead the composition of a story. We can tell stories through fashion by creating unique and the best outfits out of thrifted clothes.

Our purchasing process is as follows:

We are located at store number 78 by Village on the Chase Mt Pleasant. Our business hours are Monday-Friday from 9:30am till 4:30pm and on Saturdays from 9:30am till 2pm.

For your convenience we also have an Instagram page @theoneandonlyzw_ where you can view our items and follow the instructions on how to secure them.

You can also make enquires via Whatsapp on +263 719 791 260.

We love everything in stock at The One and Only but we found a few looks we are ready to pull out our purses for.

If you are in need of some quality, variety and affordable clothes, you are in luck. Better yet, The One and Only’s winter collection has just arrived and we guarantee items that will have all of us looking like the international slay mamas that we are. Supporting small and local business is our business and we can confirm that this small enterprise puts its best foot forward in not only helping to save the environment but our pockets too.


By: Delyse Gimani


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