Honey: The magical natural ingredient to your beauty

July 31, 2017

Ever wondered how in the world these other women keep their skin glowing and looking flawless? You envy how Beyoncé and Eva Longoria’s skin looks on magazine covers. Ever wondered if they ever suffer from acne or any of the skin defects? Like we do. Think again those celebrities are technically air brushed when they brace those covers. Let me save you from the stress; they are not superhuman. You do not have to go bankrupt so as to buy these beauty products for your skin. Skin care routine can be such a monotonous task. As human beings, we always want to see the difference on our face as soon as we use certain products for clearing skin, but it’s always not the case. Buying products after products to get that perfect glow can leave your pocket screaming for help. Below are some tips you can use for your facial skin care daily routine to treat those persistent scars, acne and dark spots. Honey is a natural ingredient that Mother Nature has blessed us with, it is a natural sweetener and lucky for us it is a healthy power food as well. It helps prevent cancer, heart disease and also reduces sore throat irritation and coughs; the list is endless. Honey has natural components that make the golden sweetener irresistible; it is a treat for our facial skin.

The recipe

Facial mask : Honey has the ability to retain moisture so it keeps the skin hydrated and it also works as an exfoliator to give you that radiant and youthful skin.

  1. What is required- Lemon +HONEY

Method– you mix the two to form a good paste and smear it all over your face. Avoid the eyebrows or hair and let it sit for 10-15 minutes. Then wash it with tepid water. This is also good for oily skin as it opens up the pores to your skin and deep cleanse the dirt from your pores. It keeps the skin’s oil in check as it controls the oil production from your skin. Lemon is a natural skin bleacher as well so it is beneficial in the sense that it helps lighten the skin especially the dark spots.

Facial Ex foliator: What is required – Lemon (optional) +HONEY+BROWN SUGAR

Method– Mix all the ingredients and form a paste which has a granule texture. After that, apply it on the face in a circular motion but do this cautiously and slowly not harshly for the sugar might scarp your beautiful sensitive skin. Let it sit for 10-15 minutes and then wash it off with tepid water. Do not constantly wash your face with water as it washes away the natural oil from skin which hydrates the skin thus leaving the skin dry. The brown sugar works as an exfoliator and it fights black heads; the lemon as a skin lightener and honey as the main basis to restore and retain moisture to the facial skin. Use tepid water to wash off the facial exfoliator and do not use any harsh products to wash the mask off as it removes the natural ingredients off your face. Soon after washing it off dry in a patting motion with your hands and this also helps with the blood circulation on your face to give it a rejuvenating feeling.

When buying honey make sure it is raw and very organic not processed. Last but not least a generous tip is to drink lots of water as it flushes away the toxins in our bodies. I would recommend running or cycling to open the pores of the skin and soon after heavy exercising a good cold shower will do the trick. A balanced diet in all meals which include lots of vegetables helps the skin to retain its natural glow. Own your glow ladies and let that natural skin shine with the help of these beauty tips.


Done by Rachel Kwainona


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