Home accessories: A beginner’s guide to decorating your home

February 7, 2019

We often envy the classy magazine homes but have no idea how to achieve the same feel. Especially because we’re running on a tight budget and cannot afford the fancy furniture and accessories.
To help you get started, here are some home décor tips to achieve that dream apartment on a budget…

Accessorize with inexpensive items like toss pillows. Save your money for some good quality furniture. Accessories’ trends come and go so fast that it can be difficult to keep up with on a budget.
If you’re in a rental apartment, invest in movable accessories. You’re most likely to move to your own home, why waste money on custom curtains that won’t fit the windows in your home?
You can never go wrong with vintage! Vintage pieces add character to your space and are timeless; you won’t need to change them every season when trends change.

Less is More! Home accessories are meant to enhance the beauty of your home; no matter how expensive and trendy, too many accessories crowd your home giving it a clumsy look. Just because you have shelves or walls is no reason for excess ; don’t fill the whole space up with accessories. Try to keep them at minimal…
The size of your design space should always be in your mind when choosing home accessories. Stick with accessories that are proportional to your room in order to avoid overcrowding and a clumsy finish.

Home accessories can be used to give the space a pop of colour. They are easily replaceable making it easy for you to keep up with current trends.
We are all obsessed with chic accent pieces, but what’s really the point of buying a beautiful piece you can’t enjoy? There are plenty pieces that are just as beautiful but usable, so buy pieces that look good and also feel just as good.

Never compromise on quality. Rather have a few quality pieces that give your home the ‘it’ look you want. It’s always quality over quantity!
Remember, our friend GOOGLE knows everything; look up some design accessories to help you get started.
Shop less, often for unique and high-quality items to achieve a beautiful classy feel.

For the best quality furniture and accessories, visit the Manhattan Interiors at shop 108 Sam Levy’s Village or call (+263) 4 852850/1.
Enjoy your beautiful home…

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