Hey Chicca…Keep Serving the World with Your Sauce, The World Needs More Kindness

November 2, 2020

Hey Chicca

I see you doing the most and I am proud of the woman you have become. It’s been a long time coming. Always hold your head up Queen. Remember you deserve all the good things. I’m so glad you’re a great mum, not the typical; doing it your own way and still killing it. You are blessed with wonderful kids, family and friends. Keep serving the world with your sauce, the world needs more kindness. Keep on being grateful and when you do miss the mark as all other humans do, extend yourself the same grace you show and give to others.

PS. Keep taking care of yourself, and keep those heads turning with that gorgeous figure throughout its different seasons. You have one body, take care of it!

The future is bright, so many blessings are waiting.

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