Hello Sunshine! Amazing Outdoor Decor Finds To Usher in Summer

Summer is upon us and we’re pretty sure you’ll want to be outside a lot more. Soaking in the sun’s radiance and also breaking the monotony of working from home, or from inside the house rather. There is just something about being outside taking in the sights and sounds of nature that boosts your mood, memory and creative juices. We’ve rounded up some stunning decor items that will turn your backyard space into a refreshing outdoor oasis you’ll want to retreat to for some down-time, inspired work-time or to entertain your family amidst the stifling stay-at-home directive.

Make Some Room to Hang Out

Set out to transform your backyard and patio into the space you’ve always imagined. First, choose the space where you’re going to situate your new patio if you don’t already have one. Next, decide on the right kind of design and choice of material to build your patio. You’ll want to go with something that offers  permanence, durability, and can make your patio as functional and appealing as you want. The good news is that whether you’re building a new patio or redoing your old one, there are lots of great flooring options! Our favourite being brick pavers, unglazed ceramic tiles as well as cement and pea gravel because they not only tick the boxes but are also fairly inexpensive.

Get materials from independent contractors. Simply search on Facebook or Google.  

Protect Your Space with A Cover

Besides flooring, your patio also needs shade from a pergola, which ensures that it is the best of both worlds, for outdoor dining and day time lounging or completing your work tasks. Of course you’re spoiled with options when it comes to choosing the type of overhang for your patio but we insist on the pergola because it uses natural materials which enhances the outdoorsy vibes. Also, you can plant climbers that will wind up the wooden poles and beams of the pergola, giving it more shade, dimension and beautiful colour burst. Think roses, grape vines, bougainvillea and climbing hydrangeas.

Get a qualified carpenter or builder. Ask for referrals from family and friends.

Give Your Space a Glow Up

Can you just imagine the fine dining and dreamy conversations you could have on your patio illuminated by string lights intertwined with climbing plants! Ample lighting is everything in an outdoor space for creating the best mood in night time gatherings. And string lights are an obvious choice, and for a very good reason. They are unquestionably the fastest and most inexpensive way to transform a space. You can also add landscape lighting in the form of lanterns and spotlights to enhance the trees, bushes, flowers or other unique features in your yard. Path lights are also great addition because they provide aesthetic appeal and security along a walkway or around a patio deck. Have all these lighting fixtures in place and you’ll really experience the magic when the sun begins to set.

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Comfort = Happy Place

One of the most important elements to include in your patio transformation is outdoor furniture. Start with good basics that are waterproof and weather-proof, such as comfy benches, chaise lounge sofas, one or two plush ottoman and a simple table. These comfortable pieces will help create a cozy space for you and your family to relax. Stick to pieces you really love. An honest room is always up to date.

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Hang A Hammock

An enticing favourite, hammocks optimise your space into next level comfort by providing the ultimate outdoor relaxation. Set your eyes on one and you can already hear its subtle yet irresistible invite to enjoy some fresh air, slow down and relax. A personal favourite is to admire the sunrise or end the night off in this beauty.

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Unify Your Space with A Rug

Add warmth and style to your patio with an outdoor rug or carpet. Rugs are great for defining a ‘living area’ into a single, unified space that is inviting and comfortable whilst introducing some decor to outside surroundings.

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Throw in Some Buoyancy

Add elegance, comfort and pops of color to your outdoor seating furniture with some new pillows or simply change the pillow covers. Pillows will keep your space youthful and engaging which makes for a great environment to get past a mental block.

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Wild Bird Feeder

Complete your outdoor oasis by hanging a bird feeder in your garden. Birds will truly make your outdoor space come alive by adding color and music to the backyard. You will get to enjoy some coffee on your patio accompanied by songbirds. Most birds such as the lemon-breasted canary, melodious lark and speckled pigeon are attracted by oats, wheat and millet. Once you’ve put out food for birds to visit your garden, be patient and consistent– keep feeders topped up all year round. It can take time for birds to routinely visit your garden. Remember to also go for good quality bird food and clean the feeder regularly. Moreover, a bird-friendly garden not only offers food but a regular supply of fresh water and shelter. Trees and shrubs are especially good, so make sure to give your garden the necessary manicure it needs to remain homely for these winged babies.

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By Tapiwa Mhlanga


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