April 23, 2018

A lady’s ideal resolutions would have some, if not all of these key pointers. Ready to be crossed out with immense unflinching declarations, they might read: By Thirty I should have:
• a best friend who’s like a twin sister
• a great job and car
• a highly stacked bank account
• a top notch diva wardrobe
• a lovely home and a great husband
• at least two kids and a baby bump
• a Master’s qualification
• …….
By: Miriam Mushaikwa

But not always. Sometimes things don’t always go as planned and you might find yourself working in a crowded but ‘not-so-satisfying’ office where the lady boss always picks childish fights with you. Worse still, your long-time boyfriend might still be reluctant to pull out that engagement ring to propose. Friends might start withering away one by one, all walking down the aisle and leaving you on the single’s bench. The icing on the cake? Instead of your family being supportive, they might be adding fuel to the fire, treating you like the second class citizen and making you feel the heat.

What you should know:
As a diva, life ALWAYS goes on. Never let a day pass by with your head hung low. Under no circumstances should you think of tearing up your ‘by thirty’ resolutions and declaring a ‘state of failure’ but rather, add on or modify it! No list is ever too long/old and because it’s a resolution, it doesn’t have to go unaccomplished for whatever reasons!

Always remember: all ladies are different, so STOP comparing! Your college friend isn’t you, her wedding bells most probably rang before you even finished Uni. So instead of burying the white linen fantasy, keep the diva faith real. Don’t wait for Mr. Right, be a little more daring: go out there, mix and mingle a bit and get to meet new people. Real friends are met in the ‘real’ world so you might end up meeting a soul sista whilst out having a drink or two.

Step outside your comfort box
Think outside the box employment wise. If you are innovative, consider starting your own business but if hustling isn’t your top game, there’s nothing wrong in working abroad. Yes, a diva is always globally sought for so stop whining; give a bit of thought to international job markets and start sending out your resume. You never know, maybe that husband you penned out as a ‘must have by age thirty’ might be based in Dubai, so make that bold step out of your comfort zone.

Get on back up!
When you fall, don’t remain lying flat on your belly but stand up, dust yourself up and start from there. Being thirty is a sign of maturity and growth so regardless of making wrong choices in the past, never blame yourself. If you married young and marital bliss wound up not so blissful (resulting in divorce) or if you’re a single mum, do the best for yourself and your kids. Be the best mum ever by setting the right precedence for them…

In life, there’s no limit to achieving dreams and overcoming obstacles. If opportunity presents itself, go for it! Take up that Master’s course as planned and get on with it till you’re a Dr. or Prof! You might even consider picking up a new sport or hobby. Self-modification is more fulfilling than self-pity and because life is like a puzzle, each piece is relevant no matter how small it looks. After all is said and done, remember life is like walking in a maze. Although the exit is there, the path is not always smooth. It’s a bumpy, hilly and not-so-smooth maneuver that requires skill, dedication and commitment to fulfill set targets. Be resolved to succeed and NEVER SAY NEVER!

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