GUY TALK WITH: Tawanda Marere

May 3, 2018

In our daily interactions we have been told we are a bit biased towards celebrating the women of Zimbabwe… Maybe we are guilty as charged maybe we are not. On that note we had a great time chatting with Tawanda Marere, a humorous and multi-talented Zimbabwean man. He is the owner and founder of a clothing label called Mudhuri. He recently hosted Mudhuri Fashion week which ran under the theme “Support Local Fashion.” By Mutsa Margaret Gunda

  • Please introduce yourself

My name is Tawanda Marere ,founder of Mudhuri The Wall clothing line. I married the love of my life in 2016

  • Just in case you didn”t know, you strike us as a man of many talents, care to share why we would say this about you?

Maybe because I am also model, an actor, a music artist, a fashion designer as well as a bricklayer.

  • Brick laying?? “Kuvaka?”

Yes as in kuvaka chaiko, bhiridha… (Literally laughs out loud) Brick laying is actually my main source of income. I actually have pictures of myself at work with my father by my side. I guess it is also part of the inspiration behind the name of my brand “Mudhuri” and by the way that was also my nickname in High school because I’m very tall.

  • Please take us through the journey of your career

When I was growing up, I always told myself and my friends that I would wear my own clothing. At one time I wrote “Crazy Tee” on most of my clothing. My friends liked this and asked me to do the same on their t-shirts and hoodies with their names instead. I enjoyed this. This was around 2004-5.

In 2013 I met Judith Williams from Model Management International and she asked me to join her modelling agency and that was the birth of my modelling career. In 2014 I participated in a fashion show for the first time; the Lux fashion show. My first commercial ad was for Econet. I also participated in the Zimbabwe Fashion Week in 2014 by Priscilla Chigariro which is still my favorite to date.

In 2015 I started “Mudhuri The Wall” Clothing. In the same year I did several delta ads as well as participating in the Soweto Fashion Week. In 2016 I started Mudhuri Fashion Week after I was inspired by the Soweto Fashion Week.

  • Your journey is mesmerizing… please tell us more about Mudhuri Fashion Week

This came about as a bid to improve the fashion and modelling industry in Zimbabwe. We have a lot of models in our country hence fashion events would really give both models and designers a platform to showcase their talent.  I also realized that if we waited for corp-orates to organise these events we would wait forever thus took it upon myself and fellow models to organise Mudhuri Fashion Week.

  • You mentioned being a married man earlier, how supportive is your wife, you interact with too many women don”t you?

She is quite supportive and I thank God for her. We make the most of all the days we spend together. At first she was a bit insecure since I work with a lot of female models but over the years she has grown to understand that it”s just business.  I involve her so much in my work and I can safely say my passion is now her passion.

  • It has been great chatting with you Tawanda, any parting words?

Mudhuri “The Wall” represents your life, career, education, family etc and you build your own wall. The amount of effort you put determines how high your wall will be (How successful your life will be.)

Thank you Tawanda!

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