The Future of Beauty: Leading MakeUp Artist, Haseena Wazir, on Skincare Taking the Lead Post COVID19

Haseena Wazir, the makeup artist who brought the UNDP “Beyond Now Reimagining Society”Campaign looks to life with her brushes and paint, has realised how resilient she is because of the Covid-19 pandemic, and how adaptation is a vital ability to develop. She tells us more about her role in the campaign, how the pandemic has impacted her brand and her vision for the future…

Can you tell us about your involvement in the UNDP Beyond Now: Reimagining Society Campaign. Why did you decide to get on board for this?

I was so excited to be part of this campaign because I’m always looking for opportunities to create out of the box, unconventional looks.

How important do you think Zimbabwean Creatives coming together and collaborating is in contributing to the growth of the Creative Industry in this country?

So important, Zimbabwe has some incredibly talented and culturally diverse individuals and at times like this it’s especially important to come together and inspire each other to continue creating and improving our skills. Collaborations such as this campaign also offer opportunities to meet and network with other artists.

How best do you think creatives can contribute towards raising awareness about this pandemic?

The pandemic has forced us to change the way we live which can be challenging to get used to. We as creatives are able to bring awareness in a way that is visually appealing and relatable.

The whole world has had to reimagine life and create ‘new normals’ because of the Pandemic and that is what this campaign is all about. What has the effect of the Pandemic been on your business and how have you managed to mitigate these effects and to adjust to your new normal?

As a makeup artist, although I’m used to sanitising my tools and products, I also decided to do the Barbicide Covid-19 online course to learn the recommended guidelines to keep my clients and myself as safe as possible.

On a personal level and professional level, are there any lessons or positive aspects you have you picked up from this pandemic going forward?

I believe the pandemic has made me realise that I am more resilient than I thought and that being able to adapt to different and challenging situations is an important skill to cultivate.

How do we, as the consumers of beauty and makeup, reimagine our relationship with them in a reimagined post Covid society? Do we need to redefine what beauty means? Any insights from you as a creative in this field?

With people working from home and wearing a mask a lot of the time, make-up has been less of a priority for many. Personally I think in a reimagined society, beauty will lean more towards improving our skin care routines and makeup will perhaps be focused more on eyes.

Can you give us an exclusive sneak peek into your image of a post Covid -19 society in Zimbabwe? What does your reimagined society beyond now look like?

We’ve all experienced struggles and loss in many ways during Covid-19,I think people have gained a new appreciation for each other and hopefully we can look forward to a society that’s more aware of the importance of kindness, compassion and understanding.

What ignites your creative process? Where do you get your inspiration from?

Often I’ll see someone’s face and get ideas about how I would do their makeup and what colours and products would suit them. I’m also partial to clean defined lines and avant garde looks.

Of course we have to ask you, Summer 2020 Beauty Trends? What looks are hot this season?

I’m not really one for trends because we’re all so different. I think the key to great makeup is learning how to enhance our own features and adapting certain looks and techniques to suit us as individuals.

And what makeup/beauty essentials are an absolute must this summer?

I believe your makeup is only as good as your skin and the number one problem I see with skin is dehydration, even with those who are oily/acne prone. So a good hydrating moisturiser is key to normalise and balance it out. Also applying sunblock every single day is important because it helps prevent hyperpigmentation and premature wrinkles.

As the year is coming to an end, what plans do you have for yourself and your business going into 2021?

I’m excited to do some more interesting collaborations like this one and to continue making people feel beautiful and confident.

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