Find Your Signature Style: Rock Clothes that make you FEEL.

June 5, 2017

How difficult is it to imagine life eighteen years ago? For me, it was the early 90s and I thought the dial up telephone was the coolest invention ever!  Literally anyone was a phone call away. Amazing, right? It blew my young mind. No one could have ever prepared me for the technological revolution! I mean smart phones, robots that can do households chores, do not even get me started on Facebook! A complete 360 from the dial up telephone, life has definitely taken a turn.

Try imagining a world where you could not quickly Google something or shoot a text to your best friend in the United Kingdom? The truth is technology has become an important part of our lives, creating a seemingly borderless world. We can access people, goods and services, education from anywhere, at anytime day or night.

Right in the heart of the revolution is, of course, SOCIAL MEDIA. The modern day directory gives you more than a name and address. Social media has become so big, it has taken over all spheres of life and completely changed the face of business and my personal favourite, FASHION!

Fashion has dramatically evolved over time and the evidence is all around us. Fashion is louder, bolder, crazier and in most cases bluntly outrageous! A creative hub is a way for women, men and children to communicate and express with their bodies. Fashion has become a modern form of art and we have seen more and more people take ownership and have dominant voices in the industry. Fashion just like technology is changing drastically, the question is are you changing with it or being left behind in the aftermath?

Believe it or not, we are all saying something, expressing with our appearance. Research shows that people make an impression of us in the first ten seconds of an encounter. So before you say anything or do anything, you have already made an impression; good or bad. First impressions are lasting impressions right?

In this sea of chaotic fashion noise, how can those around you hear what you have to say? Honestly, most times it’s just so much easier to hide behind dull, ugly clothes that make no statement. Zero fuss, zero hustle! For me, the key has been identifying what I want to communicate because it is so easy to unintentionally communicate the wrong thing!

One of the things that has become important to me is showing a piece of my personality with the clothes I wear.

My goal everyday is to say, I’m young, fun, creative and most importantly I take risks and I love playing outside the box! But more than showing people a piece of my personality; I also want clothes that make me FEEL.

Moving to a different continent and starting a new life has had its ups but also a lot of downs. The adjustment has been brutal, even after eleven months, so clothes that make me FEEL are my secret weapon to attacking my daily life.

Clothes that make me FEEL BEAUTIFUL, SEXY, POWERFUL and IN-CHARGE and I found just the black get up for the job. An all black outfit fit for the season with a pop of colour as is my signature. Wearing this all black outfit is my way of daring life to bring it on because I am ready.

It’s just clothes, some may say but in my experience the right clothes manifest the right the attitude and sometimes that’s all you need. So what am I saying? Find your unique signature style and look for clothes that make you FEEL. Fashion is changing and the lines have become blurred but you do not have be afraid to stand out and let your voice be heard. After all, life is too short to wear boring clothes!

Always Playing Outside the BOX,


Style Squad Zim













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