Financial personalities for the millennial woman: which one are you?

September 13, 2018

Hoarder? Splasher? Understanding your financial psychology could save you money. All of us look at spending and saving differently. Some of that’s due to the way we were raised, but the rest is based on our personalities. We made a fun little quiz to reveal your financial personality!

The quiz will show you which of the three personality types you are  and talk about their attitudes to money. Don’t take it too seriously – these are clearly not scientifically accurate. But it’s a fun little quiz, and hopefully it’ll be a good way of getting you to think about personal finance.

Once you know your financial personality you can learn how to make the most of your money.


Nicole Nyasha is the influencer & entrepreneur behind She is a natural hair & beauty expert and lifestyle blogger with 6 years experience. With a social media following of over 20.5k beauty & lifestyle enthusiasts Nicole has no plans of slowing down & in 2018 is excited to collaborate and grow by providing readers and brands with value through creative content, organic engagement & positive results.

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