Our Favourite Sunshine City Restaurants You Have to Try

April 9, 2021

Didn’t you just miss the joys of eating out with your friends? From pre-planning jitters to deciding what to wear (because we love looking cute when we go out) to finalising time and place. Well, this panorama hasn’t been quite kind to us as we have been deprived of connecting with our friends as often as we want to and at any place of our liking. It’s even got us reposting old pictures because we haven’t been able to take new shots. The good news is, with the easing of restrictions; restaurants are now welcoming us back for sit-down meals. And boy are we thrilled! We can now enjoy the pleasure of bonding with the whole squad over a tasty meal and some exceptional customer service that reminds you of the queen you are. Plus we can now flood our timelines with recent selfies of course.
To celebrate, here are some of our favourite Harare restaurants you have to try that are doing bold new things in the kitchen since reopening their doors. Eaten somewhere on this list and loved it? Share your experience with us.


When to go: When your bank balance is preventing you from living your best life but you still want to eat luxurious food – go on Wednesday day end to experience happy hour.
What to have: The incredibly mouth watering, Crumbed Chicken Burger with avo and sweet chili sauce served with a generous portion of chips and crunchy onion rings. Arguably one of Harare’s best inexpensive eatery, it’ll become ‘your go-to’ instantly. Queen of Hearts is ideal for leisurely brunches and lunches on the outdoorsy set. We love the lavish green grass and the fun kids play area. Their menus are even more impressive, characterized by stunning and tasty meals. You’ll feel like a gourmet celeb even if this is really your only treat before you can’t even afford to pay someone some attention.


When to go: When you want to eat exciting BBQ food – go with a group to taste as much as possible and keep an eye out for their crowd-pleasing platters.
What to have: The superbly generous, Million Dollar Cobb salad is a true crowd-pleaser. Head on to Hometown if you’re down for a casual but cool meal that will leave your friends in awe that they have never been here before. Hometown serves some pretty looking artisanal cocktails, gastronomic meal-in-one-salads plus seriously tasty mains such as the St. Louis Smoked Slab of Pork Ribs and Prime Zimbabwean T-Bone grilled to perfection and served with some smoky herb butter, crispy fries, skinny boy onion rings, green salad, and homemade sauces. It’s very hard not to have a nice time here, especially when there’s a lot of authentic Texan BBQ food made with passion and a partyish atmosphere to indulge in these delicacies.


When to go: When you want to have comfort food with a view.
What to have: The comfortingly warm Beef Lasagna layered with a rich meat sauce, pasta, tomato sauce, and a creamy parmesan white sauce, plus the perfect amount of melted mozzarella cheese! This cool and laidback café is a beautifully curated space, housing a private antique gallery and garden pool view. It’s an excellent spot for the hungry antique lover to taste comfort food set in a peaceful relaxing environment. The Galleria’s menu is big on fresh organic food drenched in nostalgic references to modern country life and in a somewhat modern country setting too. You’re in for a treat!!!


When to go: When you want to have delicious decadent cakes.
What to have: Amai’s Chocolate Cake, double and not single layer. It’s very moist and rich in flavour. This is the best cake in town! Conveniently located just off Borrowdale Road, Connections is where true cake lovers go for their sugary fill. The shop’s inside sitting area has a classical, warm ambiance with sleek concrete floors leading to its peaceful outdoor sitting area, and the staff is incredibly friendly. Their coffee is prepared with much care and we especially love their decadent cakes made with love! They also make exquisite hand-crafted, premium celebration cakes for any occasion. So if you have a special occasion coming up, be sure to try out their celebration cakes.


When to go: On your day off or for chilling with friends at a place that embodies high standards of excellence.
What to have: Their deliciously fresh and tasty stir-fry’s especially chicken stir-fry.
Café Nush wins admirers for its modest, high quality, and great value meal offerings, upholding the trend for quality-casual eating within a cosy dining room and an outdoor patio that radiates all the trademarks of tasteful eating. Perfect for a celebratory dinner for two, a casual coffee date, or a group outing, Café Nush is well worth a visit!


By:Tapiwa Mhlanga

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