F.L.Y (First Love Yourself) – Because You Matter

‘Love yourself unapologetically because you matter’. This is what drives ‘F.L.Y. (First Love Yourself) because you MATTER’ movement Founder and Creator Tsitsi Mujuru to change the lives of women striving to love themselves more through fitness. As put in her own words, “I am a force to be reckoned with, unstoppable, fierce, bold, beautiful, powerful and unapologetically me.” This powerhouse has one goal: to spread the word of self-love.

So how can we become our biggest fans and fit at the same time? F.L.Y is the answer. We particularly love this special approach to fitness advocated by Tsitsi. Every woman deserves a fulfilling life: one where she is able to take care of her body and embark on a journey of self-love. So why should we jump on the F.L.Y bandwagon? Firstly, yes we want to be FLY and feel like the queens we really are! Secondly, because F.L.Y. is more than fitness; in fact fitness is a bonus. The very foundation of F.L.Y. is self-love. It is an eye-opening experience that helps women see themselves, helps them be who they really are and realise just how beautiful and amazing we all are in our own right. F.L.Y. is a platform for women to go against the norm of being pit against each other but instead come together and help each other win in life.

Tsisti tells every lady who reaches out to her that, “You are BEAUTIFUL, you are SEXY, you MATTER and you are ENOUGH!” Through F.L.Y, she found her smile again and all she wants is to help more ladies find theirs too. We only have this life and in this life, we are WINNING. #F.L.Y. because YOU MATTER! This message already has us ready to transform our lives. What can we expect when we join the F.L.Y movement? As women we often feel pressurised to conform to society’s standards of what is the perfect shape, weight, profession, look, complexion etc. We put pressure on ourselves to lose weight, look a certain way and be a certain complexion. Through this programme every woman has the opportunity to realise her potential and unapologetically live up to that potential by loving herself ‘flaws’ and all.

Actions speak louder than words right? Well when we visited the F.L.Y social media pages, we saw tremendous results of women challenging the norms of society, acting on self-love and proclaiming that they matter. The transformations and testimonies turned us into believers of what this movement is all about. By just believing in themselves and putting in the work, the F.L.Y clients became who they were destined to be.

Where do we sign up? Below are the programmes offered by F.L.Y:

a.21 Day F.L.Y. to Fit Challenge

This is the foundation of all the F.L.Y. Challenges. Tsitsi recommends everyone to start with this Challenge before trying any of the other challenges. It is broken into three themed weeks:

  1. Breaking Me
  2. Changing Me
  3. Celebrating Me

For the 21 Days we will be challenged to look into the mirror and love the person we see, ‘flaws’ and all. This journey will not only challenge us to transform physically but will mostly challenge us to transform internally. “It is your time to take care of YOU, create time for YOU, and most importantly LOVE YOU while you do it.”

Workout Programme : 6 Days a week

Level of difficulty: Beginner to Intermediate

b.21 Day ‘Shred the Hate’ Challenge

This is one of the recent developments and the catch phrase for this challenge is Shred the Hate ‘coz the excess weight you may be carrying could be self-hate.’  Self-hate is heavy and weighs on us in various ways. This challenge comes with a customised “Free yourself from self-hate guide”. It is a weights based challenge; however; the workouts can be customised to suit the individual fitness levels and abilities.

Workout Programme: 5 Days a week

Level of difficulty: Beginner to Advanced

c.21 Day ‘Caption this’ Challenge

Self-love is a lifelong journey. With this challenge we will be challenged to look in the mirror and look at everything that surrounds us and acknowledge our beauty. Every day we will capture a moment that reminds us of how beautiful we are and ‘caption it’ remembering always to F.L.Y. because we matter. It is broken down into three themed weeks:

  1. Remembering Me
  2. Seeing Me
  3. Accepting Me

Workout Programme: 6 Days a week

Level of difficulty: Beginner to Intermediate

d.21 Day Purpose Driven Tyre Challenge

This is more than a fitness challenge; it is a journey that will enable us to discover ourselves and why we are here on this earth. This challenge will push challenge goers to the limits physically but will also push us to discover, drive and ignite our purpose. It is broken down into three themed weeks:

  1. Discovering your purpose
  2. Driving your purpose
  3. Igniting your purpose

Workout Programme: 5 Days a week

Level of difficulty: Intermediate to Advanced


1.Personal Training (1-on-1):


2.Group Boot camp Training:


21 Day Virtual Challenges cost USD$50

One-on-one personal training costs USD$100 for the month, training with Tsitsi 3 times a week or

USD$50 to train once a week

Group Training:

USD$50 for three sessions a week

USD$20 per person, one session a week

Payment methods: USD Cash, PayPal and Bank Transfer

All challenges are done virtually. For one on one sessions, Tsitsi can either come to the client within a 10km radius of her home in Bluffhill or the client can have her session at her house.

All group sessions have been suspended in light of the COVID-19 regulations but are usually held at Tsitsi’s house.

To join the F.L.Y family contact them on +263 774 999 856

Whatsapp: +263 774 999 856

Email: [email protected]

Instagram: f.l.y_youmatter

Facebook: f.l.y_youmatter




By: Delyse Gimani





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