Expert Q&A: Losing the Baby Weight

February 27, 2019

Gaining weight during pregnancy is quiet normal, in fact, it is essential. However, most women want to reclaim their pre-pregnancy bodies soon after giving birth. Women should realise that losing weight after giving birth is different from other times. For this reason, it is important to understand your new body so as to discover a healthy way to lose the baby weight. We consulted expert advice regarding the issue.

Why do women gain weight during pregnancy?
The body is creating adequate fat stores to sustain the growing fetus.

What is wrong with gaining too much weight during pregnancy?
Obesity in pregnancy is associated with many problems, including high blood pressure, diabetes, risk of a C-section, pre-term birth…

Does breast feeding promote weight loss?
Only at the beginning, after a while you actually start gaining weight as you eat more to make adequate milk. At this time your body has a tendency to store as opposed to metabolize nutrients.

Does lack of sleep affect weight loss?
Yes, if you do not get enough sleep you cannot lose weight.

What is the best diet plan to lose pregnancy weight?
You should not diet, you should have a lifestyle change that you can maintain; exercise is a must.

Do you recommend exercising to lose baby weight and how soon after giving birth?
Yes, as soon as you are comfortable. It is all about how strong you feel.

Losing the baby weightin a wrong way can hurt your health. If you are breast feeding, it can affect the amount and quality of your breast milk. We recommend that you put your baby’s health first, and lose weight the right way. The million dollar question remains, ‘how do you lose the baby weight in a healthy manner?’

Choose well-balanced snacks. Keep only nutritious foods at your finger tips. Also stock up on low-fat milk and yogurt for snacks.

Choose healthy proteins: Including protein in your diet can boost metabolism, decrease appetite and reduce calorie intake.

Eat your Veggies:Set the tone for the day with vegetables for breakfast.

Do not diet right after birth. To get your body back, you have to think health first. You can take light walks for the first 6 weeks.

Get with other new moms: Chances are, other new moms are wondering how to lose weight as well. It can be helpful to connect with them for a regular exercise.

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