Your Must Have Toolkit For Running a Freelance Business

October 5, 2020
    1. On paper, contracts explain, express and cushion what your service is and the duration, as well as secures the payment owed to you by such and such a date. Often chefs in the private industries struggle to get paid because they don’t have contracts.
    2. It’s easier to be taken seriously when you have social media presence. When you can be googled and the first image or reference of you that comes out is the image that a corporate is willing to be associated with even though you are a freelance vendor.
    3. Being aware of your services and packages. Always be prepared with a digital services provision document. It shows you are organized and hungry.
    4. Be ready to network in any setting; even a commuter omnibus. You don’t know who your client could be. Always have cards on hand and be presentable according to what you want to sell.

    5. Authenticity. Who are you trying to be? In any case, I want to work with a realistic individual, all talk and no action chases the idea but never reaches the dream. Are you genuine and true to yourself? What have you done in your own capacity?

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