May 30, 2018

It’s that time of the month when we are reminded of the age old superstition about how an itchy palm is a sign that you’re going to receive money. Sounds funny right? We can assure you though that itchy palm or not most of us can smell our pay day and this month we just want to be ready to save and have a little extra to spend on other goodies. If you have watched the movie, ‘Confessions of a Shopaholic,’ then you will agree with us that clothes, shoes etc just call out to us and we end up just buying even without need for them. The last time we talked about money we  were trying ideas on how to budget. How’s that going? As always we’re here for you, a few quick money hack tips we’re trying out…

  • It may sound almost impossible, owing to the cash crisis, BUT using cash in place of an ATM card is actually a good idea to save money. Try it!!! If you have $20 cash you’re likely to buy only what you need while you would have purchased unnecessary goods worth $50 using a credit card.


  • Reduce your intake of fast food for lunch, try to calculate how much you use weekly on lunch money. DIY meals also known as packed lunch can save you so much money. For instance if you love burgers, a pack of burger rolls as well as burger patties you will use for the week is cheaper


  • Pre-paid electricity around the home is also a serious expense in the home especially during winter with the use of geysers and heaters. Using a gas stove in place of an electric one for those kind of meals such as beef bones that take long to prepare is one way of cutting down on electricity expenses.


  • Have personal small weekly savings depending on how much you earn. You can start by saving just $20 a week faithfully and use the extra cash quarterly to spoil yourself


  • Share your ideas with someone who will help you with this money hack endeavour, your better half, your best friend or your sister. These will act as your watchdog and remind you when that impulsive buying hold gets to you.


  • Do you really need a full bouquet of TV channels?? When do you really watch all the channels when eight hours or more are spent out of the house? Think about this area of your life, if your kids are young they may not even notice that you have cut down on the bouquet if they have at the most 4 cartoon channels. Just make sure you don’t disadvantage the man of the house if he is a sports fanatic

Teach your children about saving, get them piggy banks… help them save a percentage from their pocket money everyday, make it fun and the old age saying, ‘educate a woman, educate generations’ will be fulfilled.


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