July 3, 2017

 Being captured and whisked away into an altogether different and magical world every single week by an outstanding voice on ZiFM Stereo ticks the box for many of our fellow divas – we just had to find out more about the man behind our weekly enchantment – Love Lounge host and poet Arnold Chirimika. Imagine our excitement when he agreed to shed some light on his career and life. By: Rudo

Five random one word answer questions


Do you speak about yourself in the third person?



Showers or baths?



Chinos or skinnies?

I don’t wear skinnies my nuts don’t fit…(Laughs)Just playing



Yellow bone or Black beaus?

I love women! CanI get away with that for today? Strange enough complexion is the one thing I don’t have a preference…so I plead the fifth on this one.


Running or lifting weights?



Any last words to the ladies?

You’re too much woman to settle for anything.


For more of this interview and to download your Free copy of our July Issue follow this link –  www.divasinc.co.zw 

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