Dinner With Chef Cola

May 17, 2017

Is a self-funded project founded by Cape Town trained Vegan Chef,  Nicola Kagoro. Chef Cola’s number one aim for hosting these monthly series is to show case her skills as a Vegan Chef and she also intends to showcase wholesome vegan or vegetarian meals on a limited budget.

The vegan culture is one that is not just about ones diet simply it is also a life style that many individuals opt for but shy away from because of the financial constraints. Chef Cola aims to remove that notion and present dishes that are tasty and affordable.

In order to achieve the above-mentioned aims, Chef Cola has lined up thirteen dinners with thirteen different themes, which are African inspired and of a very low and affordable budget.  These Dinners will be hosted in collaboration with different individuals in the hospitality industry – both front and back of house.  The culinary industry in Zimbabwe accommodates vast creativity and Chef Cola enjoys collaborating, up lifting, bringing to the fore and encouraging and empowering other up and coming Chefs. Chef Cola intends to first successfully showcase this project in Zimbabwe, then gradually moving, first into the SADC region, then the rest of Africa – if sponsorship of this project permits

Dinners with Chef Cola intend to give guests an environment whose ambiance is homely under comfortable settings – as if they never left home! The set up every month will be moved around to be different places while giving the notion of a pop up restaurant officially called 22 PLATES.  The themes will always be African- inspired, presenting dishes that bring out the African culture and culinary cuisine. Therefore, DINNERS WITH CHEF COLA will highlight, first and foremost, vegan cuisine, always presenting vegan and vegetarian dishes with an African twist, in an ‘a la cart’ dining style – on a budget.  For guests who may  grace these dinners only  for the vegan experience but may not be vegan or vegetarian themselves  or  may feel that they could do with some  more African  food, they will be catered for   Chef Cola will provide them with   buffet-style  meals –   thus presenting them with healthy African-inspired meals on a budget.

Dinners with Chef Cola are affordable, tasty meals which will are pleasing to the eye, served in a pleasant, homely environment. Chef Cola will encourage Guest Chefs to present their meals using ingredients that are affordable and easy to find locally.

There will be a wide variety of Guests to these dinners and they will be invited from different backgrounds to come and share a meal. The total of guests, at any sitting will be limited to (20) individuals.  Guests range from media personalities, entrepreneurs to foreign residents of Zimbabwe.

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