Dhonanzi Gourmet Doughnuts

June 14, 2018

Named after the Zimbabwean Shona word for “donuts”, Dhonanzi is a new dessert destination for those who delight in indulging on some delicious-deep-fried breakfast circles. Dhonanzi serves renditions of tasty gourmet donuts complemented with a touch of style and innovation. Some day’s I’m all about green smoothies and Zumba workouts. But on some days I just want to chase an entire box of donuts with bottle of Sweet Lips ZW natural sweet rosé. Some self-love if you must call it that! Now, Dhonanzi always has the best donuts and that’s why I go there whenever I feel like treating myself. After all, happiness IS a box of donuts

Their Star-Wars-Galaxy Donuts are hard to pass up. Another menu highlight is the Vanilla-Wafer-Salted-Caramel Donut. And in case you’re wondering how you can grab yourself a box of their yummy donuts, here’s how. You can place your order for pick up at no. 59 Alpes Road, Vianona, Harare. Alternatively, you can opt for a prearranged delivery to your location. They also have select donuts available to purchase at local foodie events around town. Open hours are: Tuesday – Friday 09:00- 17:00 and Saturday 09:00 -12:00.

Now, here are some favourites I just couldn’t resist sharing with you:… by Tapiwa Mhlanga


Star Wars Galaxy Donuts

I DONUT know what I’d do without you. Surprise bae with a box of these galactic treats to remind her/him how special they are.


Donut: Plain Fried Ring

Glaze: Colour Glaze (Purple, Blue and Pink)


Vanilla Wafer Salted Caramel

Survive Monday’s with coffee and donuts!


Donut: Plain Fried Ring

Glaze: Fresh Caramel

Topping: (2) Vanilla Wafer & Popcorn

Drizzle: Salted Caramel


 Cookies n Cream Donut

A donut a day keeps the doctor away.


Donut: Cream and a Peach Jam Filled

Glaze: Vanilla White

Topping: White Chocolate cookie, Whipped Cream, Chocolate Vermicelli

Drizzle: Maple Syrup



Death by Chocolate

DONUTS made me do it.


Donut: Plain Fried Ring

Glaze: Dark Chocolate

Topping: Chocolate Cookie Crumble & Chocolate Sprinkles

Drizzle: Chocolate Sauce


DONUT worry about the sweetness in this baby. It’s not loaded with much sugar… Raspy-Coco!!!!

Donut: Plain Fried Ring
Glaze: Dark chocolate
Topping: Fresh Raspberries, Coco Pops, Chocolate Vermicelli
Drizzle: Maple Syrup




For more information and pictures on their wide variety of tantalising delights, visit their pages which are just one click away:

Facebook: @dhonanzi ( https://www.facebook.com/dhonanzi/)

Instagram: @dhonanzi ( https://www.instagram.com/dhonanzi/)

Photo credits: @dhonanzi


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