Denice Pine Dishes Some Tough Love

May 22, 2017


My main 3 reasons

  1. EXCUSES: The number one reason why people (mainly females) find it hard to get into shape. You always hear, I have school run, I have work till five, I have to make dinner after work, and I have to help my kids with their homework. You are busy but what about your well being? Why not try this :

Get a day planner, write down your schedule, and find a 15 minute slot that you label FITMETIMEJ . 15mins a day are enough to get you started, its more than enough trust me. In your planner also include meal prep time. Eating healthy doesn’t mean eating bland food, just cut down on carbs and processed foods, eat more natural foods and have more color on your plate. As you apply this daily for the couple of weeks, it will become the norm and you will start enjoying a healthy lifestyle.

  1. IMPULSIVE DECISIONS: you wake up one day and decide to start dieting that same day and expect to succeed, I am sorry to disappoint you but it will not work. What you should do is PLAN FOR IT. Mentally plan for your lifestyle change, the universe as some may say starts to shift in favor of what it is you want (planning for). Start planning at least 3 weeks before. That way you give yourself time to start weaning yourself off the foods that are unhealthy. By the time you reach your start date your body will easily adjust to the diet and work out routines because it was prepared.


  1. STARVING OURSELVES L : I hear a lot of people saying they don’t eat breakfast, or they don’t eat lunch because they want to lose weight, well NEWS FLASH,it’s one of the MAIN REASONS WHY YOU ARE NOT LOSING WEIGHT. When you don’t eat your body goes into starvation mode, so instead of burning the food you eat, it stores it… what happens to stored food? It becomes fat and this also slows down your metabolism.

Try to apply these small changes to your routine and if you need help get in touch with me on my social media platforms listed below:


Instagram: @denice_pine  

Facebook: Denice Pine  

Twitter: @denice_pine

email: [email protected]

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