Declutter your handbag

April 24, 2018

Organise your personal space

If you are anything like me, then your hand bag is as good as a BFF you always have with you. Everything you want, you can find in there. This, however, is not always a good thing because if you are anything like me then you have turned your bag over numerous times ruffling through it  looking for something. Its not the most amazing of exercises especially when looking for something in a public space and you try and unload your  bag gracefully only to have all its contents on the floor 5 mins later but its one of those you have learnt to live with.

If I were to calculate; I would say I spend a considerable amount of time repeating this exercise, the excuse being as a woman I am a “just in case” person. We prepare for every event that might or might not happen before we leave the house, Lord knows how many times I have tried to declutter but ended up with the same clutter just in a different bag.

Well, if all of this is you then you in the right place – we have a winning declutter formula! Lets make life easier and declutter your handbag!


  1. Essentials First.

Firstly, after emptying your bag, pick your most important items such as your wallet, phone and keys the items you can not do without no matter where you are. These go into the inside pocket of your handbag or if your bag has a front pocket you can put them in there as well for easy access.

  1. Let the decluttering begin.

Everything else is non-essential although you might think you cant do without them.

  1. To start the declutter process, firstly you need to remove everything you haven’t used in the past month. If you not using it, you don’t need it.
  • Then go through your daily routine to find what your necessities are, this can be anything from lotion for dry hands to a hairbrush incase your hair gets messed up by the wind. This will also help you identify the unnecessary clutter you been carrying around.
  • The golden rule: One of something is enough! I know it might come in different shades, colours and scents but whatever it is; you only need one of! Stick to this and an uncluttered bag will be yours forever.
  1. Invest In An Organiser

An organiser is a must have, and it makes this exercise a breeze. Once you have figured out what is going into the bag and what is not, the organiser will keep everything in place, clearly visible and easy to access. It also makes transitioning between bags so much easier.

You will be surprised how much extra space you are left with at the end of the decluttering. Hello, spacious bag and bye clutter!

There you have it ladies!!! Please take note;  The perfect water bottle for a clutter free bag is a rectangular one. The shape takes up less space and allows other items to sit on it, allowing the bag to stay neat as well.


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